Is Jobs for Moms legit

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Cowart69, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Cowart69

    Cowart69 New Member

    It looks like they charge a membership fee.....from what I have gathered in my short time here I thought we weren't supposed to pay to work.

    Or am I wrong.
  2. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    You are right in that you don't pay for a 'job.' But you may pay for a service or invest in software, hosting, etc., if you are planning to build your own business.

    Jobs are more along the lines of an hourly wage. You do so much work for so much pay.

    I'm not familiar with jobs for mom, but maybe they are charging a membership fee for a service of matching you with potential employers. I suppose that is fair if that is realistically what they do.

    Some of these sites really only give you a list of survey sites to join or other similar things that you can find for free if that is your intent. Quite often they also get paid by the survey sites, etc., when you sign up to them from the links they provide. (Not bad for them, eh?)

    Again, I don't know if jobs for moms is like that or not. --- Actually I just went to look at it. If it's simply jobsformom dot com then it looks like a site just made for adsense clicks and not a legitimate service.

    Jobs online are fine if you can find one and if you only want to make a few dollars an hour. The money stops when you stop.

    Building an online business costs a little bit to get started (domain, hosting, etc.) and usually pays little or nothing at first, but then builds up to more and more income and less and less work.

    That's what you have to consider.

  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    For all jobs, employers will pay you for doing work, you do not have to spend money to get a job.
  4. momsoffice

    momsoffice New Member

    If you are looking for a JOB you will NEVER pay to work for them. Which JOBS are not easy to find when you are wanting to work from home.

    If you look into having your home own home business then companies do require a startup fee. The best thing about having a home business is time flexibility and of course the tax writeoffs too.

    I wish you the best!!
  5. Jenny

    Jenny New Member

    The jobs which ask you to pay something to register are not legits at all. Just registered to free signup and start working, they are legits for moms working from home

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