Is my online income system unethical?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by srama3, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. srama3

    srama3 New Member

    Hey guys,
    If you've ever used My Online Income System, you'd know that it was a great program!

    In some of the days of the action plan, they suggest that you promote certain companies through clickbank. If you take a look at the companies, some "familiar" names are recognised, such as legit online jobs and survey scout. These companies are dead set scams, so would I be right in saying that the My Online Income System "encourages" you to promote some questionable products? I mean, it's a great program, but would this type of promotion be unethical? I'm sure that MOIS is only suggesting to promote these products, showing that they put their users first above others. But I know that MOIS is very popular among beginners in the WAH area, who wouldn't know about these scam products. By promoting these, the company guides you until you start selling these products. Would this be considered unethical?

    Please tell me what you think, as I believe that this is an important subject.

  2. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Srama,

    You already said it yourself. In your own opinion the companies in question are unethical. Promoting unethical companies is an unethical practice. Therefore, promoting those companies would be unethical.

    Trust and go with your gut. Why would you doubt your own conscience?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  3. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    Go with your concience. If you would feel bad knowing that you promoted someone into something that is questionable, then you really shouldn't do it.
  4. beckernpeeksmom

    beckernpeeksmom New Member


    I am a member of MOIS and I do not recall them ever suggesting that I promote any certain companies? The Action Plan basically tells you to go to Clickbank and chose the products you want to promote.
    Seeing as Clickbank is very easy to understand and navigate, besides having a fairly good reputation, I assume that is why it is one of a number of sites they recommend using to newbies.

    So I will have to politely disagree with the statement that they suggest you promote unethical companies. I feel it is a very good program. Sorry.
  5. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    believe what you do and never give up
  6. srama3

    srama3 New Member

    beckernpeeksmom: So I will have to politely disagree with the statement that they suggest you promote unethical companies. I feel it is a very good program. Sorry.
    Don't get me wrong, they are still a great program. Perhaps you have not seen the new action plan? You should check out the products they recommend you promote on day 20. Not all of these are bad programs, but a few are.

  7. beckernpeeksmom

    beckernpeeksmom New Member

    First off I am going thru the new action plan, (day 30) and on day 20 they are talking about making a Squidoo lens. They just used all the higher gravity Clickbank "make money at home products" as an example as to what you can write your lens about. Since most newbies are learning to promote "make money at home products" that is what they used to keep down confusion. They do not recommend any one product over another, just using them all as examples of what you should look for when you are trying to get an idea of what to make the lens about.
    Shouldn't it be Clickbank that is getting the bad rap here for letting scams be on their site, not a great program that is trying to teach newbies the ropes in affiliate marketing?
    MOIS is a great program I agree whole heartedly, and I can make that judgement because I have been in some others that took my money, told me only a third of what I needed to know, and there was no support.
  8. anitahd

    anitahd New Member

    I agree 100% with beckernpeeksmom. I haven't found anything unethical in MOIS
  9. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    My input was in "general" not about the program discussed here. I have no clue about MOIS and therfore have no opinion on that specifically. My comment above was about outright promoting something you know to be a scam.
    And from the others posting, it seems that you are not forced to do that, so I would just promote what you feel good about.

    beckernpeeksmom... it is a WONDERFUL feeling to finally be in a great business after being in some duds! I completely agree with you there and makes promoting twice as easy because you are able to TRULY believe in what your doing knowing the support is there and you are finding success. It sure does feel good!
  10. 040107

    040107 Member

    Higher gravity means that the product is popular but the higher the
    popularity the stiffer the competition.

    Also, I'm sure the intentions of MOIS is not to have you promote
    unethical products but products that are popular, products that
    people want to buy. If certain products were mentioned, it's
    probably used as examples of of high gravity scores. The point is
    not about promoting scam products but instead, popular products.

    As an individual, you need to think for yourself. What one person
    considers unethical, another may think otherwise. A lot of big name
    marketers use deceptive marketing many would consider unethical.
    However, this doesn't mean the information they provide is wrong
    or ethics-questionable. Learning from them doesn't make you any
    more unethical. You can choose to pick and choose what you want
    to learn and what you want to do.

    Clickbank has gotten rid lots of programs they deem inappropriate,
    probably due to lots of complaints. For the majority of the time,
    informational products are just that. They provide information.
    Whether this information this information is relevant, organized, and
    presented in a way you and I can learn from is another question.
    That is why we would pay for such information.

    If the people pay for information products that aren't relevant,
    organized, and presented in a way people can understand, they can
    always choose to request a refund. So whether a Clickbank product
    is great or not or if it's a scam or not, it can always easily be
    refunded. If there's too many refund on any particular product,
    Clickbank will probably suspend it from the marketplace in order to
    avoid being penalized by the merchant providers (VISA, Mastercard,

    Also whether or not you choose to promote certain products, it's up
    to the person to choose to buy it or not after reading the salespage.
    It's up to the person to choose to keep it or get a refund.

    On the issue of ethics, think about the casino...[​IMG]

    It's mathematically set up to make money by taking people's money.
    That's the ultimate purpose. All that entertainment stuff is just BS.
    That's all there to lure people in so they can do what they're made
    to do. People lose everything there; money, jewelry, cars, homes,
    marriages, families, etc. Are casinos operating unethically if they
    mathematically set up to take peoples money. What about their
    marketing? What about people working for casinos? Are they
    unethical? What about people who plays there? What about
    people who brings their friends to the casino? Are they now
    responsible for their friends misfortune and considered unethical?

    Something to ponder over!

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