Is there any Paying Ad placing company?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by sureshbagavat81, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. I'm working in a Ad placing company. But they r paying little money. Is there any well paying ad placing company?
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    I am being in the ad placing jobs for few years back, but most of them are scams, just make a calculation yourself, every ad placing sites requires a startup fee of around from $50-$100...

    we will take the minimum of $50 signup in this example, they pays $0.20 per ad placing, so you should place atleast 250 ads to get back your signup fee and after that only you get profit... so whats the company get the benefit? How can they pay for just placing ads? They need response from the ads and it shoud convert to signups so that they will pay to you...

    in my experience most of the new ad placing companies got success and getting new signups in a quick time, after that the signups get slows and in a period they could'nt pay the members for ad placing and suddenly the site will be closed... this happens to lots of sites as of I knew... I loose lots of money in these ad placing companies...

    I stopped to signingup these kind of ad placing sites and 99% of these companies has the formula as said above... I strongly recommend nobody should join these types of companies, otherwise nothing but loosing your money...
  3. Thank U very much NetJobs. U got gread exp. here... I must say something about my job.
    I'm in Hylinemanagement for last 2 years. There We should place ads in only Free Classifieds Sites. Nothing to pay any money to post ads. here they will not lose. Monthly once they will send me a work scheducle(AD). As i saw they r improved I think. Still now I was doing it in part time. But hereafter I'm thinking to do it in full time. that's way I asked that query. What Can I do now?
    Please Explain me sir., Thank U!
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    Quoting: sureshbagavat81There We should place ads in only Free Classifieds Sites. Nothing to pay any money to post ads. here they will not lose.

    Yes, thats ad placing - placing ads in free classifieds, but its amazing you're in this field for 2 years and working for the same company... you are lucky... are they paying well? whats the procedure? I dont have idea about your present company (Hylinemanagement) what types of ads? promoting their site or any products... How much you are earning per month with this company?
  5. [​IMG] Very Joyfull Happening R Happening Here! [​IMG]

    OK. 3 kinds of schemes r here (Every year it may be changed) Now first U visit - see Differend Scheme page. Scheme C(Rs.3960/-) will be better to U (6 Rs./Ad). But they will not pay U fully. There r some rules. 1. They have point out some sites r Banned Items(25-30sites). There If u place ad, they will maid some penalty (Rs.500/-). 2. Should not place ads in Same Servers.(Identical Links) 3. Must post ads in mentioned Categories only. 4. Should place ad in a site at once per month. Must not repeat posting in the same site in same month for same ad. I think that's all.

    U must send Weekly Report on every saturday before 5pm. Must not miss. (But no prob.) Every Month U will get a work schedule. But payment., If U start work fr Sep 1st, it'll come to know that how much it's on Oct. 24th then U will get it's pay on around 15th of Nov. It's a proce. Almost I show up all. But Surely U will get payment. There R no doubts. For these two yrs, I'm not getting any delay on a single month also. That's no Problem... Sure.

    Then I'm Getting as a pay around Rs2500 to 3000/- only. I'm not crossing it. But I'm doing it in part time only, I'm in another private local company. It means may be 3 hrs/ day in night after 11pm(That's also Not daily). I must improve it hereafter. Now only I'm getting proadband connection. So.

    If U have time to do this biz, can take it conform. Because U have good exp. in this felt already. That's way. Just now they've bring Registration from Site. Just call & Get conf. Then do as they inform u. Ph: 08056972727, 08056972726, 08056998488.

    Then a Small Request sir, If u wish to register, fill 006040366011(B. Suresh) in referal page... I'll get a small money on yr joining. It's not affect u at any way... Thank U! (
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    i am also working for hyline from past 10 months. but nothing went in favor of me. regularly i send them 150 ads per month. but they pay me just Rs 280 or 300. sometimes i dont get anything coz amount is below 250. i dont know how u r getting that much of amount by hyline !!!! plz help me by telling ur working procedure. in 150 ads, everytime they tell me that only 40 to 50 ads are accepted. tell me, how can i correct my mistakes ?? where can i get ads accepted by hyline?? i am approaching 1 year with hyline. do i have to pay to re-register to hyline? plz reply soon.......
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    Is anyone still earning from Hyline?

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