Is there such a thing as too much Personal Development or coaching?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by pcincome, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I was on a call last night with some local (side line) leadership and there was a comment made about something I said and I can't help but shake my head and wonder, "what am I missing".

    On this call, there were only 4-5 of us, we were asked what we thought about cutting the calls back to two days a week, one of the days being on Tuesday. I spoke up when we were asked this question and said that in my opinion, two days a week is enough because we have other calls we can be getting on that can help us in other areas of business development. I then specifically mentioned that the call I get on for myself personally, my personal coaching call was just moved to Tuesdays as well so now that means that I am going to have to flip flop back and forth on the calls so I can get both in.

    One of the "leaders" on this call then jumped in and said, specifically, that what she was going to say wasn't directed towards me but that there comes a time when we've read enough and listened enough to personal development material/training and then we have to put what we've learned to work, into action, and get busy.

    I agree, to some extent, to what she's saying but, not totally and wonder if I'm missing something here.

    You see, this person, although not in my upline anywhere, knows me and my story and the challenges I've been through, the hoops I've jumped through in my network marketing journey. Long story short, I don't have any working upline close to me, I've moved up like 7 (sponsorship) levels during my career with this company and my direct sponsor was terminated due to unethical business practices. I don't want to go there but let's just say, it's definitely been a challenge and a learning experience for me to get to this place today.

    And if it wasn't for me finding a coach, personal mentor, OUTSIDE my company, I honestly don't think I'd be here today. When you're somewhat new to the industry and go through the challenges I've been through, most don't make it.

    And it was ONLY through this coaching that I was taught and understood that I actually don't even NEED an "upline" to grow my business but that I can BE the leader I desire to have in MY organization. I can find the training, support and knowledge I so desire to BE the leader through others WITHIN the industry.

    And it was ONLY through this coaching that I understood that there are many minds in this industry that are truely willing to share and through THESE minds I can develop my own "methods", my own "rhythm" and that although YOUR way of building a business may work for you, it doesn't mean it will work exactly the same for EVERYONE because we ARE all individuals with different personalities and different passions.

    Anyone who knows me knows how passionaite I get about "working harder on yourself" than you do your business because if I didn't step back and do this when I did, I know I would have quit! I thought about it a few times.

    And I know that I am not the only person in this industry that has or will go through challenges. And I know, we can NEVER stop learning and developing. And because I know I'm not the only person, my passion to help others SEE what I SEE is very, very strong.

    For me, I see coaching as something that MUST be a part of your DMO. Whether it's reading, listening, posting in forums or one on one, I personally see it as a requirement to your "leadership development". "30 minutes a day keep the bill collectors away!" "30 minutes a day keep the negative people away". "30 minutes a day keep the doubtful thoughts away"

    Although I personally will NEVER give up my personal ME time because I know what it does for me, and I've never really asked anyone else what they thought, I'm now wondering, do others really think enough is enough when it comes to "working on yourself"? Can you really spend too much time "developing"?

    Through it all, I've spent the last 4 years of my career "figuring things out" and finding my passion and deciding exactly what I want and where I want to go. Through this time, although my check went up 1000% because of situations that occurred in my organization, I haven't actively built my business and this leader on this call knows this about me.

    Sure, I've spent the last 4 years "working harder on ME than I did my business" and I've come to understand, deeply, through that period that if we don't get what goes on in our head and hearts straight, nothing will line up in the end.

    But to say that enough is enough, in my opinion is a little too much.


    Karen Umstattd
  2. BillChechel

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    I do not believe that there could ever be too much personal development for the most part. I agree with that person that said at some point you need to put what you've learned into action.

    I'll give you an example. I have a colleague in my auto care business that goes to every training seminar on the east coast. In the field of auto repair, there are seminars on selling, effeciency, profitablilty and many others. You get the picture. They are very similar to personal development courses. But he is still struggling with his business because he never applies anything he learns. I dont know the reason why, but its almost like he is afraid too.

    So to sum it up, no personal development course is too much if you apply the teachings and it has a positive impact on part if not all of your life. Good luck as you continue on this wonderful journey we call life. Hope this helps.
  3. cherie27

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    I agree.

    Personal development is never too much.
    It will help you to cultivate your thinking.
  4. djimelee

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    I agree too, that personal development is never too much, It is mayb one way to increase youself to a better you.
  5. BobTheFarmer

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    I believe people should try to receive as much coaching as possible, and actually motivate themselves to search for it. You can learn so much more from other people that have already made success stories of themselves.
  6. molyda

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    Hi Karen,

    Very interesting post!

    A coach's role is to guide you, not do things for you. You're the player. You put the game plan elaborated by your coach into actions so that you can win.

    In this scenario, you're the player and your coach motivates you. In your MLM, you're the coach and your downline is your team of players.

    I'm sure you get that.

    What is "enough"? The training? The speech? The seminars?

    It's like saying: "Ok, we have everything set to win the Cup/Championship. We don't need anymore practice! Just put what you've learned so far during the competition and we should win!"

    That doesn't assure you the victory, now does it??

    Bottom line, receiving coaching is something that must be done on a regular basis to measure your improvements and adjust yourself to hit the target.

    If they say you're good to go on your own, then they just fired you as a player! Or they're looking for a new rookie... If they ran out of programs for you to pay or subscribe to, well, guess they need to be more creative on this one!

    Personally, a coach should stay as long as the clients want him/her to.

    Am I understanding this correctly or am I besides the point?? [​IMG]

    I think the leader who told you that you need to get busy "sort of" assume that you don't go out there and get busy but rather spend your time on calls. I think that's her diplomatic way of telling you that you know enough and it's time for you get into the actions. I guess she didn't know you that well, huh?

    Are you considering a change of coach?
  7. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Karen,

    I agree with Bill. You have to figure out when to take action on what you've learned and lay it down.

    Information is interesting and fun but it's only useful if you put it to use.

    The reverse is also true, don't take action until you've imbibed enough info.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  8. A8ch

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    Is there such a thing as too much Personal Development or coaching?

    Yes AND No!

    An excess of anything will always deliver unpleasant consequences. But, excess is never just about quantity alone, it always considers timeframe as well.

    For example:

    If you attempted to guzzle a gallon of cold water at one sitting, you'd most likely end up traumatizing your digestive system and spilling most of it, if you don't strangle yourself first. But if you sipped it leisurely over a period of time, you'd drink it all and it would do you good.

    I'd be careful not to confuse "too much" personal development or coaching with "on-going" personal development or coaching.

    Getting short, intense bursts of coaching and development is OK, so long as you don't overlook the development part. You've got to put the coaching to use to get the benefits. Then, when you are ready for more, you rinse and repeat.

    Otherwise, you'll become inundated with all this information and guidance until you are paralyzed with inaction. That would be a total waste.


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