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    This is one everyone should research, I have for three years, and finally, they are launching new $19.95 wireless technology which is slated to kill the competition. Beta testing is completed finally, so stay tuned, you don't want to miss this one. Its-Your-Net has free affiliate registration open.


    WARRANTIES4LESS: This is one everyone should research, I have for three years, and finally, they are launching new $19.95 wireless technology which is slated to kill the competition. Beta testing is completed finally, so stay tuned, you don't want to miss this one. Its-Your-Net has free affiliate registration open.
    Well, more BS, they never launched, and now they have lost their credibility for all of us who had waited forever. A new company is coming to market first, and this will kill ItsYourNet in my opinion.

    Buzzirk and Zero1 have merged and GlobalVerge is the exclusive marketing arm for new high speed wireless mobile and internet service at $79.95 unlimited data and voice per month, no extra taxes or fees like cell phones, so this looks promising and you can register to learn more about launch next month by visiting site at Low-Cost-Wifi.
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    I sent you a pm a few days ago. Please check...



    GlobalVerge is exploding, and for only $19.95 to secure a position, you cannot lose, never mind the savings you will see using this new 5G microwave platform. Having researched thousands of businesses over the past few decades as an entrepreneur, few get my attention like breakthrough technologies like Buzzirk is introducing through GlobalVerge.

    If you have not listened to the first conference call, or watched the interview with Zero1 CEO, you have to check this out on my temporary site while we wait for official site to be enhanced with all this data. Take a look at the phones offered as well with link to see the technical informaiton from manufacturer. G5 is not even available in U.S. markets yet, and barely in Japan. You think the new iPhone G3-S has whistles and bells, wait until you see all the advanced applications Buzzirk is offering, all for one low price of $79.95. Get positioned, this one is going to change the cellular industry forever. Low-Cost-WiFi is here.

    Success to all,


    Pathetic, still more delays, I was beginning to think none of these companies was going to present a low cost wireless alternative to cellular rip off. Well, having been disappointed with ItsYourNet, then Buzzirk, FDII GIConnect BS, I finally found a technology which saves money and is available now, and I have it, no more broken promises or hype, I wanted a better service for less price, and if I can make money referring others, all the better.

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    You hear the hype, you research the companies, you want to ultimately see and use the technology yourself first, so you have to spend a lot of time in this process, and it appears these companies are all full of it, at least up to this point.

    Yes, many will promote before they have product, especially in MLMland, but I hold back until I have tried products personally, but in researching then all, it get more and more difficult to find a real deal. Buzzirk screwed up by over promising and under delivering, and they have still not delivered, but they are still promising, soon, soon, soon, just like ItsYourNet had been doing for almost five long years. lol

    Now we see the cell phone wars break out and FDII and Lightyear people pulled out all the corks, along with ACN to a lessor extent, and it comes down to who really has the real deal. Well, it certainly wasn't FDII GIConn, that is for sure, how do I know, I checked out the phone, and it was a piece of crap, yet those at the convention were raving about it. lol

    How can you really evaluate a product properly, you have to use it as in your own situation. GIConn is a total rip off, unless you live on top of a WiFi hot spot, you will end up spending more money. First, you need an existing broadband connection, $40. a month on average. You also need an existing cell plan, $40.00 minimum, plus extra data option, now $40., not $10. as they promoted through T-Mobile. Add their GIConn $22.95 monthly, plus $20.00 account start up fee, and WOW, I would be paying way more than I am for my 1400 minute Verizon plan.

    So as you can see, when the hype exceeds the facts, it takes time to unwind it all personally, and when I did, forget it, FDII is a joke, and I know several reps who are stunned over what they paid in total for nothing more than what they had since most do not live in a hotel, airport, library or public buildings which have hot spots. My closest WiFi hot spot was at college 15 miles away. lol If one was to order router and phone, forget it, you would never get a return on investment routing cell calls through a landline VOIP router, nothing revolutionary about that. lol

    It is not getting any easier trying to evaluate who has the real deal, so it takes more time than ever when it comes to new technology, and now there is another deal which is capitalizing on WiMax, not available in most areas yet, but looks promising, more so than WiFi based systems. Personally, I like VOIP-COIP the best to date, you can actually get dial tone on any cell phone, they you are on COIP network where you can call from anywhere to anyswhere for pennies, great for international travel, and you don't need WiFi or Wimax access, so this has the most potential to date.

    Success to all,
  7. Amazing,

    Having researched thousands of business opportunties over the years, it is just amazing how many are hyped up BS, and the problem is getting worse as the competition heats up in this collapsed economy where everyone is scratching for money.

    Simply put, you have to be more careful than ever, and with all wireless deals, beware, the competition is so hot that I see a repeat in the tel-com industry just as it was with landline prices, they continue to drop to a level that few can make a dime promoting them.

    The same pattern is repeating with wireless industry. Not only are the big four in competition for customers and are dropping rates almost monthly, if you sign a long term contract now, you will surely end up paying for it over the next few years as rates continue to drop like a rock.

    As to any affiliate or MLM type wireless deals, don't waste your time or money, these will be squeezed out like never before as margins continue to shrink. With flat rate all inclusive unlimited deals now down to $45. a month, all these MLM deals will be long gone in the coming year as I see industry pattern repeating iteself all over again.

    Live and learn, and have I learned a lot over the years. lol

    Success to all,
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    So many Wireless and MLM Companies Fail Faster than they can get Started... You have to be careful and look for real businesses and don't believe everything you see and read. Many people online may say they are making money but in the Case of ItsYourNet... You find out down the Road they are living out of a Trailer!

    Anyways I have definantly been around the Block a few times and I now know what to look for in an Online Business... There are 4 Main Things you need to look at...

    1. How Long Has the Company been in existent

    2. Are the Products actually existent?

    3. Who Owns the company and how is there Track Record?

    4. What is the Compensation for bringing new members to the company?

    There are many more things you should look for in a business but these are the 4 Main things to look for in a business before making it your Business!

    Sincerely Micah Wallace
    Skype: mad-lw

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