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  1. Amy

    Amy New Member

    Has anyone analyzed how this company works? It is absolutely amazing. It is doing things that no other company has done. It combines a MLM/NetworkMarketing company with a HUGE well established infomercial company. My biggest complaint in the past about online businesses is that I didn't have what it takes to be a good marketer. Now this company swoops in and says they will advertise the products for us through the power of television and generates the sales for us. I bet this company ends up making it big time. Please tell me what you think.
  2. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I think you will be spending big bucks on TV leads.
  3. Amy

    Amy New Member

    That was my first thought also. WOW was I wrong. Plus, with 16 different ways to make money, I haven't even thought of buying leads. The power of this company is endless. Eliminating the frustration that an online newbie gets when they don't have experience in network marketing is so rewarding to see. Anyone can do this. Not to mention avoiding those large start up costs. That could kill someone! I know it did me when I first started in my MLM career. No more of that for me! I guess you live and learn, Right? ha[​IMG]
  4. WebGuru

    WebGuru New Member

    I agree with mailibumentor you will be spending alot of money tv leads. Look how much those infomericals costs the company. I am sure they get a lot of leads,but are they experience marketers. Of course they will be ready to buy,because they are looking.
  5. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Thats the hook... the TV leads. That is what your inexperienced organization members will try to do to duplicate... and when the run out of money (I am guessing ITV leads will be $15-20 each) they quit.

    Building a business takes capital, but those attracted to MLM often don't have much. Getting them started by calling the most costly lead type on the market is dubious wisdom... especially considering that they will mostly have ZERO closing skills.

    So if you have another plan to generate high-quality, low-cost leads for your organizations' benefit, I suggest you get the infrastructure in place now.
  6. Amy

    Amy New Member

    Leads are $1 to $3. They are from people that just got done watching a 30 minute infomercial and are ready to purchase. Purchase ready customer leads for $1 to $3 each.

    Also, if you are an experienced network marketer, leads are not important to you. Don't rely on other people. Show them what you are made of. Do the work yourself with your network marketing skills.

    P.S. This is not a start up company. It is a well established half a billion dollar company. I think you might want to do your homework. ITV will be a household name soon after its launch in January.
  7. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    15 Jan 2008 00:45 - Attached on merging:
    I Answered Calls from ITV Ventures Infomercials at Home

    My, oh my, that was fun and easy.

    I answered live incoming calls from ITV Ventures infomercials today in the comfort of my home. I went 2 for 2 because they were sold on the product when they called me.

    I took 2 calls, only spent 20 minutes on the phone and I am $89.90 richer. Plus, I will make that $90 every three months...for 20 minutes of work!

    They both ordered 3 bags of Rice n Shine on the Order Assurance Program so I made $44.95 on each 10 minute call. I didn't even do any selling; the time was spent entering their shipping and credit card info.

    I calculate the residual income on taking a couple calls everyday and I was blown away.

    Did anyone see our business opportunity infomercial running on TV this weekend?
  8. JaY o

    JaY o New Member

    so you called ITV to work for them, but you have a commerical on TV for them also?
  9. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    No, ITV Direct is actually one of the leading Direct Response companies in the US and through my success in marketing online I was brought in to the whisper campaign for their MLM, Network Marketing, Home Based Business division...ITV Ventures.

    All of our leads, customers and prospects come from $1.2 to $3 million in National TV advertising instead of freinds and family and/or parties.

    I hope this clarifies it a little.
  10. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Looks like a pretty cool program. How much do you have to pay them for the calls?
  11. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    It is fascinating, especially when I realized that I am making history.

    I am one of the first people to ever answer an infomercial call at home instead of at a call center. This technology will dramatically change our industry and is a dream come true for many people like myself who want to work at home.

    Once the testing is complete, they will tell us exactly what the fees will be but they are approximating that the product calls will be $10-15 each and the Business Opportunity calls will probably be $20-$25 each.

    During the first phase of testing, they were averaging $30 of profit per call so these prices are very exciting since you will also receive residual income from many of these calls month after month.

    Donald Barrett the Founder and CEO of ITV Ventures said that he wants us to clear a profit immediately, not including the long term residual potential.
  12. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    Over the last 7 days, I have been running through the final "tune-up" nearing the launch of the Home Agent Program! For the most part, other than a couple of "glitches" in the first two days, the WEST System was near flawless! That's great news! Here are a sampling of 8 of us (there were 15 IBOs testing) results:

    1. Total Calls Taken- 172 (Average per IBO 21.5 Calls Taken)

    2. Total Sales 73 ( Average per IBO 9.1 with Average Closing Ratio of 42.4%)

    3. Average Commission per sale- $45.39

    4. Average Talk Time with LIVE Customers during week = 3.0 hours

    5. Average Gross Profit per IBO = $412.23

    6. Average Lead Cost per IBO (21.5 Calls) = $210.50 based on a $10.00 Lead Cost per call.

    7. Average Net Profit for 3 hour average talk time = $201.73

    8. Average Hourly Pay based on average = $67.24 per hour NET

    My focus is on introducing people to this business and then personally helping them succeed; I am not a sales person by nature. However, I was very pleased with my personal results. It proved to me that anyone can succeed in ITV by simply taking orders and using the informercials to build not only a customer base but a downline as well.

    Please visit my site below if you are interested in hearing my latest update to my team.
  13. meccaill

    meccaill New Member

    So how much is the minimun start up cost??? im sort of confused with all the options on the site...

  14. rocky1121

    rocky1121 New Member

    so, it looks like i have to PAY them to let me answer the phone? is that right? $499.00? is this right? or am i looking in the wrong place on their website? can anyone clear this up? this looks like another MLM to me.
  15. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    I have a document that fully explains all of the costs, gives examples and explains how it works.

    Please email me and I will forward it to you,
  16. hollyb25

    hollyb25 New Member

    Here is a update I just sent out to my ITV Ventures Team:

    My Dedication to You

    My position has many people anxious to join my team or at least speak with me to get all of their questions answered. Plus, now that the Home Agent Program (answering live incoming calls from infomercials) is in full swing, more and more people are becoming interested and excited. I know you all are and your patience is now being generously rewarded.

    Even with that being the case, I am now focusing most of my attention on helping you, my team, quickly build your businesses. (For Example, it is now 2:00am)

    I feel this is where my talent lies and it is vital to not only your success but mine as well.

    Emails from My Team Members Answering the Live Calls and Succeeding
    (Email me for this attachment)

    Attached to this update are actual emails I have received from many of you over the last few weeks who are now answering the live infomercial calls. It is so nice to finally have a downline that is succeeding and happy.

    Major Media Increase

    Look for a major increase in Media starting in the next few weeks. We will be seeing a lot of Flex Protex, Rice n'Shine and very soon Almighty Cleanse Media. Soon, Donald Barrett will begin shooting the NEW Business Opp. Show(s) that will literally drive our businesses for us.

    ***Everyone who joined before July 6th now has access to the HAP****

    If you did not get the email from corporate, call business support right now and ask to get started.

    Things We have been Wanting and Asking for are Coming

    - Hard Sell Infomercials
    - Universal Call Credits
    - Interactive Lead Capture Page
    - Home Agent Training, college type course
    - Biz Op Infomercial with Testimonials: from all walks of life, cowboys, stay at home moms, construction workers, models, corp. executives
    - Naked Mineral Infomercial without the Offer

    My Private Team Forum

    My private team forum is one of the greatest tools we have because it allows you a way to visit with all of my members. It gives you a place to ask questions, learn from other people's questions and share tools and advice. As far as I know, I am the only one in ITV Ventures who offers this tool and those of you who are using it know how vital it is to your success.

    Training, Training, Training

    I know we have a lot of training calls but please do not let this overwhelm you, just pick one or two a week and soak up all the knowledge you can; now is the time. Remember, IBOs who do not join our ITV Ventures team do not have access to any of these trainings.

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend,
  17. boblane1015

    boblane1015 New Member

    15 Jan 2008 00:46 - Attached on merging:
    Anybody heard of ITV Ventures?

    Looking for reviews or info on ITV Ventures. Unique concepts and sounds interesting.
  18. getagrip

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  19. mochamama

    mochamama New Member

    I've been with ITV Ventures for a couple of months, and I can't say enough good things about it.

    I've been involved with various opportunities over the years, and had promised myself I'd stay away from anything that looked like an MLM. Never say never. This business has effectively eliminated all my previous frustrations with this type of business.

    Yes, they have figured out a way for customers who are ready to buy to call you.

    No more prospecting to friends, family, and total strangers (unless you want to).

    Of course, it's still a business, and it's still work, but they've cut out so much of the aggravation that it's a pleasure to work at it. I enjoy it.

    Also, everyone I've talked to in the business is doing great. They're all moving ahead, not just talking about it.

    I hope that helps.
  20. scrapbooktravel

    scrapbooktravel New Member

    I was with ITV Ventures for three months this summer and finally gave it up. products that were in demand were on back order all the time and many of the specials and products they advertised on TV where not available for me as a business owner to offer my customers. I hear people doing good like the other response, but that was my own personal struggle with it.

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