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    A new company called Iyashi out of Japan has just introduced a Health-Wand which addresses many health issues and pain related injuries. This is the place to discuss results you achieve and discuss technology. Having researched a dozen similar companies, I am now evaluating and comparing Iyashi to Amega Global to try and determine if price does make a difference. You usually get what you pay for, so this will be interesting to see if saving money is worth it in the end. Let us keep on topic here for the wand wars on the Amega thread is getting out of hand.

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    The Iyashi one does look very interesting. And the offer to get other wands in "full spectrum" frequency was also a new offer that no other has. I contacted the company and they said to get other wands up to "par" the cost is $50 for the first item, and $25 for each one after.

    They also can provide full spectrum for bracelets and other zero point/scalar energy products, per their email to me.
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    I am pleased to have found this new thread. Thank you to FreeBusinesses for starting it. I seek open and objective discussion which is not financially driven. I await further information with great interest.
  5. Question,

    Great, now that everyone is happy, thanks. Here is a question. After watching the VibraScan test, tell me this, why didn't the camera show the readings, rather than just reading them? It would have been more impressive if camers was on top of meter readings. I know many have faked readings, not to say Jeff has, after all, he sells these machines, but the machine is just as magic as the wands as I see it because there is no science to validate what frequencies we are actually measuring and what range is considered good or bad for each person, there is no medical science on this whatsoever, the same as with Health-Wands.

    To my knowledge, I cannot find any reference to the ideal wave length and frequency which impacts our health and pain issues for each person, never mind which is the best for each person. Personally, all meters aside, it all comes down to one thing, what works for you, not what someone says what worked for them. Everyone is different, every health issue is different, just as everyone has a different wave frequency, and unless a meter is measuring each person, and then dialing into a specific changing frequency, it means nothing.

    As to infusing any wand, I highyly doubt this is possible given the fact that you could have send in a fake, which having cut open a few, there is absolutely nothing inside, and some have a small magnet, but that is it, no crystals, so I know for a fact you cannot change the wave length of any metal alone, but you can infuse crystals, so this offer by company leaves me less than convinced, so has anyone sent in a fake wand yet to be infused? I have several fakes now, but better yet, why not send in your Cross pen and have it infused. lol

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    [Post removed on request - Admin]
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  8. FreeCashMan: What is the case for using these wands if one does NOT have any pain issues?
    Good question,

    It comes down to one thing as I see it, preventative health, and if we all knew what we were predisposed to based on DNA markers, which is important in my opinion, then we all may look at preventative health as more important than we do.

    With the new DNA gene testing now available in drug stores, this is the first thing everyone should do is learn if you are at potential risk of certain diseases, so wouldn't you do everything possible to avoid cancer, as example?

    Until recently, we only had mere clues that we may be candidates for heart disease or other potential hereditory illnesses, so it all comes down to preventative health issues. Do we know what these Health-Wands are really doing, no, but what I do know is what some of the fake pendants have, and that is radiation levels above what is considered safe if used constantly, which most do, so I won't mention the names, but this is the first thing I check as we all know what radiation can do to humans.

    I have one goal, to stay off any and all drugs, and if the recent FDA attacks on two Harvard graduate doctors doesn't scare you, then is should. We all have to do what is best for our own bodies, and I choose only all natural preventative measures, what others choose is up to them. I have been using bio magnetics for almost four years now and have not had more than sniffles since, so does this work at keeping my immune system in top order, who knows for sure, but I believe it has. Will Health-Wand improve and enhance my immune system, I believe it will, and combined with new microbial enzyme and good bacteria balance breakthrough, I choose to stay ahead of health issues based on the knowledge
    of constant research I do.

    Nothing will work on everyone, but when you do your research, you will find not one person died in 2008 from any natural alternative health product, but 125K died from drugs approved by FDA, so when you really dive into the all natural alternatives to boost your immunity, this is your best line of defense as I see it. The Health-Wand is a tool to enhance our immunity systems, and this is where you achieve good health, by concentrating on your immune system. Every disease impacts people differently based on their immune systems health, so my best suggestion is to start there, and any reputable Health-Wand is a good place to start along with the obvious, eat organic fresh foods, stay away from processed foods entirely, don't drink soda, milk, most breads, oh well, you get the point, you have to start somewhere, and there is not enough room in this thread to post all the reasons we are a sick nation. lol

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  9. iithealth: We could have done the video at a lot more angles but we have it done how it is currently out there. If this all could be proved by medical science we wouldn't be having this discussion and wouldn't have the issue about making "medical claims".

    -Your right everyone has a unique frequency and everyone needs certain frequencies.

    Exactly, and this is what I question, are any frequencies harmful which are infused above and beyond what has been established by Amega in past four and a half years? I don't know, you don't know, so it is a crap shoot to think all frequencies are going to provide better health of our immune systems. I work with frequency generators in low and high band, and you would be amazed what certain frequencies can do, and I am not talking about enhancing health, but breaking and splitting molecules, never mind vaporizing what ever I want to destroy. My point is, we just don't know which frequencies are good, bad or ugly to our health.

    -Almost every energy pattern/frequency is correlated to conditions or health issues, there are thousands.

    Exactly, again, this is my point, we don't yet know which are the good, bad and ugly.

    -We can infuse items with multiple frequencies as described in our video.

    OK, this is where I have a problem as I again work with frequency modulation technologies, and as we know, everything is matter, and all matter is a specific wave length which defines it, and if we could infuze a different frequency into another, it would technically have to change in some way, as in, turning lead into gold, etc.

    There is no such frequency I have seen which can stick, or remain constant as in the infusion process you speak of. So this is the only point that I have issues with, not the Health-Wand itself. We all know you can infuse magnetic field into a paper clip, as example, but we also know it does not last for long, so are we to think that infusing a frequency into any wand will remain changed, if changed at all? Frequencies can be influenced, but only temporarily just like magnet example.

    As a point of interest, I work in the field of alternative energy, and from what I have learned, I will never say never, but working with the full range of frequencies, we have discovered how to make lightening in a bottle, sort of speak, so I know the power of specific frequencies and how they can alter the state of all matter, but only for the specific time that a specific counter frequency exists.

    Frequency influence is a real control factor, but only when applied, it does not have a residual effect as we have seen, So I would ask, how can you take any stainless steel wand and change it into the same as you are selling for $199.00 for $25. If this was possible, then I could send in thousands of stainless steel rod stock and make a fortune after your company infuses them to equal of your $199.00 wand, right?

    -As you say people want something that works. We have found the other wands only contain some frequencies. Other wands work for certain issues such as pain but don't have the same frequencies for sleep. Don't get me wrong we know some people with Amega wands which are perfectly tuned to their bodies and work miracles. We address this in the video breaking the wand code.

    On that point, I agree, not every Health-Wand will work on every health issue for every person, this is a given, and what I have seen, but I can assure you, from my research, we just don't know which ones are the best overall yet, and I am open enough to learn what is different, or better, that is why I purchases several wands to date to try and evaluate them all and see what is what, or as you refer to it, breaking the wand code.

    -yes you can put frequencies into metals, crystals and similar materials. Where items like plastic or wood you can't.

    Metal, yes, but again, from my experience, only temporarily infuse or influence changed base frequency or wave length, not permanent. Crystals, yes, it is different, they can be infused and in many cases, permanently, and why crystals have been used in electronics for years becasue they can be tuned.

    Locally we have infused several other "fake" wands and also infused some amega wands. Fake is the wrong term to use though, many of these wands will come with the same energy patterns as amega wands.

    Impossible, no one knows for sure about fakes because no one knows who the manufacturers are, this is a well hidden secret in my research as I have associates in China who are trying to track who is manufacturing all these socalled NanoWands that hit market all of a sudden.

    As you have cut open other "knock off" wands have you cut open a amega wand?

    That will be my last test, but I do know they do not use any magnets like the others, as well, no radioactive readings, and this is why I posted all over the internet for anyone who was unhappy with results of Amega to sell it to me, and for some reason, the two who posted it didn't provide the hoped for relief would not sell me their Amega Health-Wands, sure makes me wonder why. Simply put, I will cut open the first one I get from someone who is unhappy with results.

    To that question, have you cut open your wand yet? I may just have to send you my fakes to infuse them and then I will evaluate it more carefully. I will then compare to see if it is indeed the same in the end. It certainly would not make common sense since I can get tons of fakes for under $20. as you must know.

    In closing, I have nothing against competition, and this is why I am willing to try your product to compare, and since I am an affiliate, I have no problem promoting a product that proves itself as equal or better, espeically when it can save people money or they are not interested in the income opportunity, or concerned about an extremely short return period of 12 days. Tell us, if your product is truly better as you claim, why not offer at least a 30 day refund period?

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,
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    As a potential customer for one of these type of products from both companies, can someone please explain to me why all the iithealth posts on this thread and the other have been removed? TIA.
  11. Oozatden

    Simple, you are not allowed to place promotional posts with specific company URLs in body of post, so as long as you use your business or affiliate URL in signature line, you are OK. You can say anything you want to about your business, but you cannot post to recruit or sell as the only reason to post. Nothing is deleted unless it is in violation of common forum rules. No hijacking thread promoting other companies as example, or posting your URL when the person who started thread should not have others in same business posting their URL, these are the two most common reasons why a post is removed. Hope that explains it better.

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    Thank you very much for explaining. I think it's sad that ALL posts have gone, however, as this forum was the only one I have been able to find with such a level of intelligent discussion. My loss. [​IMG]
  13. Oozatden: Thank you very much for explaining. I think it's sad that ALL posts have gone, however, as this forum was the only one I have been able to find with such a level of intelligent discussion. My loss.
    I don't think but one was removed by admin here, and a few from Amega thread, so not much was lost as the only thing removed were promotional type posts as I remember.

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    FREEBUSINESSES: I am now evaluating and comparing Iyashi to Amega Global to try and determine if price does make a difference. You usually get what you pay for, so this will be interesting to see if saving money is worth it in the end.
    Have you done that evaluation yet and if so what are your findings please?
  15. Have you done that evaluation yet and if so what are your findings please?

    Sorry, been dealing with flooding of one of our manufacturing sites in IA and have not had the time, will post when I get this problem resolved.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless, Mike
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    I have both iyashi and the amwand and performed the lemon test with great results, almost undetectable diference on the taste for both wands. Can not tell one better than the other on this test.

    Will post more results as I test both wands.
  17. bsnrich

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    Another test performed with both Iyashi and AmWand;

    My wife had a terrible pain in her left eye resembling an inflamated optic nerve, after wanding it with the Am wand the pain went away. Next day she spent the day on the computer and the pain reappeared but more overwhelming affecting the eye, the forehead and the upper jaw. Tried this time with the Iyashi Wand and she stayed in pain, then used the AmWand and the pain was reduced considerably.
    Can not know if the Iyashi wand did or didn??t have an effect, but the relief with the AmWand was inmediatly noticeable.

    I really want to do some effective wanding with the Iyashi wand, since I think it has a great potential, however the results from the tests are the ones to speak for themself.

    Iyashi Wand distributors, or anyone interested;
    Any sugested tests for the wands?

  18. Interesting,

    Having tried them all, it is interesting to note the variables as the above post has. I put one of the fakes on my night table and pointed it towards my head, and wow, could not believe what a terrible nights sleep I had, so erratic, as if I could not get into REM.

    As a note, I always sleep well, but when I read that people were using it to get a better nights sleep with results, I figured it was worth a try. I am wondering just how many variables there are between all these different products.

    With curiosity getting the best of me, I tried the Amega Health Wand the same, and I slept like a baby, and I felt more alert and awake, more rested with the same 6 hours I sleep every night, so there is a difference, I just cannot explain them yet. lol Not too many are posting on the Iyashi, so this was good to read since it is the first post I have seen of no results.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,
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    hi all, i use the iyashi wand regular, i mean not on myself, but on my wife, who has rumitoid athiritus, very painfull i assure you, non of the medication worked for her, any way i notice amega wand on youtube, and i got interested, in the end i wavered to iyashiwand, simply because of all the amega miricle videos, put me of big time, plus all the scam stuff that was around, iyashiwand was basic and truthful,
    that was enough for me to part with my money, i took the risk, to cut a long story short, my wife is pain free, not imaginery, for real, also relatives have been getting wanded, and they where also pain free, to be honest, you do feel stupid waving this pen around lol, and thinking at the back of your mind, this better work or am going to look real daft lol, now i wand in confidence, as i know it does work, it is not a magic wand and cure you right away, most cases it will take over night before seeing the true results. yes i do sell the iyashi wands, and make very good money from it, but the most important thing to me is not the money, and i mean that, is my wife is pain free, thats all that matters, i own one of the main iyashi sites for the uk, i am not here to advertise my site, but to assure you the wands do work, am not in the war of iyash v amega, all the wands work to sum degree, but after a lot of research, i went with iyashi, and never looked back,

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