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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by makemoneyonline, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Hey everyone- Just thought I should say beware of jeff paul's shortcut to internet millions. Don't waste your money..
  2. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    LOL, I am glad someone posted this... I've never used the "Shortcut to Internet Millions" but the commercial drives me insane! Any time an infomercial or even an online website shows you supposed claims of "average people making thousands their very first week in the business!" run the other way folks... You're liable to run into nothing but trouble if you trust the claims...

    Real businesses and legitimate ways to make money from home will require time and effort before they start making you large consistent sums of money.
  3. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    lol, I know. I posted this because I saw the infomercial again a few nights ago, and it reminded me how much of a scam that program is. The infomercial is so fake, I can't stand it.
  4. sjames23

    sjames23 New Member

    Lol I see these commercials all the time. I just like looking at my Dream Yellow Lambo I'm going to get in a few months! Lol

    But anyway if you Google Jeff Paul I have see over 200 unhappy people that said they were scammed. So I would stay away.
  5. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Yeah, I googled this guy awhile back after seeing his infomercial and most of the experiences I read with his product where decidedly negative. I've done this with alot of the late night informercial gurus and big surprise most of their associates were quite dissatisfied.
  6. bdkfreedom

    bdkfreedom New Member

    It is the "REAL DEAL SCAM" for sure! All you newbies out there, don't waste your time, money or effort! Commercials are soo enticing sometimes but this is not for real! Stay far, far away!
  7. xeridox

    xeridox New Member

    I am in agreement also, another scam.

    This is one of the key words to look for in a scam: Millions.
    Especially in a week or overnight.

    Real money = real work.
  8. thebart

    thebart New Member

    Another guy trying to take advantage of people who are only half awake or are on hard times due to the current economic situation. When I see the infomercial I don't know whether to laugh or throw something at the TV.
  9. PaulM

    PaulM New Member

    I have learned to never buy into any short cut or easy get-rich offer. There are many excellent profit making opportunities that are waiting for us, but I have never seen anything that is stable and long lasting that did not take lots of hard work and persistence. Don't buy into the lies that obtaining wealth is easy, but also don't pass up this great recession-proof home business sector of network marketing and internet marketing opportunities. There has never been a time in history that equals what we have available today. Don't stop your pursuit until you reach your dream.

  10. diannakn

    diannakn New Member

    I also looked into this, as always if it looks to good to be true it probably is
  11. thebart

    thebart New Member

    Paul -

    I like the fire and optimism in your post.

    The DJIA is on a four (4) day rally, lets ride this thing back up to the top ans see what we can see.
  12. atowers

    atowers New Member

    What gets me is my fiancee's father and father's wife are both involved in this crap, trying to sell useless junk and overpriced wellness products! When you ask them why they're doing it, they say "we're going to prove it's a scam!" I COULD TELL YOU THAT WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY IT! They do this PLUS Amway/Quixtar. They're just LOOKING to give their money away!
  13. nanlar

    nanlar New Member

    I must agree! There is not an easy way to make this kind of money. although with a lot of hard work and exhausting hours of trial and error it is possible to earn a substantial income. That is a nerve racking commercial.

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