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  1. jeremyconley

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    Im curious to know if this company i have just come across is a scam that any of you may have ever heard of ? the website is called
  2. I have never heard of it but it is not listed in the Ripoff Report.
  3. lawrenceRider

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    I saw this website and by all accounts. it's 4 real...! I know this, because I bought the package. The full job list. It was only 39.88. It was a one time fee unlike some other sites. I am a Free Lance writer and found some cool jobs. I think anyone looking for work at home can find a job with their list. I hope this helps anyone looking.

    Lawrence Rider
  4. memememe

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    PLEASE PEOPLE, DON'T BELIEVE IT'S REAL!!!! It is a scam. Google and everything it brings up, every article was written by lawrenceRider, who claims to be a free lance writer but all he's written is about, and if you google his name it doesn't bring anything up about him being a free lance writer. If your a free lance writer, then shouldn't you have written on things other that just And shouldn't you have a website on your writing? NO ONE else anywhere on the web has reviewed it or wrote about it. All info on the web was submitted by LawrenceRider, some sites claiming to own the company, other sites just writing articles on it and then here at this website he's claiming he's purchased it and it works. This is the only review online about and it was written by the creator of JobListGuy.
  5. lawrenceRider

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    It sounds to me like MEMEMEME is the true SCAM artist! There are so many things "wrong" with MEMEMEME's post. First, who is MEMEMEME? He/she is shouting "Scam" from behind an alias. MEMEMEME cried "scam" on the and AKA "janoka" cried "scam" on the Kelly Richard's scam post. Both were written on the same day referring to Second, what evidence does he/she have that is a scam? Did MEMEMEME get the free job list or buy the full list. Nothing in his/her post indicates that he/she did this. Third, MEMEMEME is claiming I'm a fraud because I'm not a highly successful writer with a website.

    Special note: If this reply post is removed, if will be found on Multiple article Blogs

    I'm Lawrence Rider. (At least I use my real name, unlike MEMEMEME.) I'm 26 years old. I tried my hand at freelance writing. It's tough out there to make it as a writer. That Hollywood stereotype about the starving writer isn't far off the mark. I have gotten some writing gigs for some smalltime ad newspapers and little magazines ??“ nothing I could really pay my rent with. I was once told that a writer needs to know someone to make it big. You won't find a website with my work. The reason: I tried to break into the business by starting out small. Also, I'm not a web programmer. And truth be told, I'm now no longer a starving writer. I found a job with a steady paycheck from JobListGuy's list. paid a small amount to interview them and write some press releases. As part of my research, I reviewed their full list of work from home jobs. A good reporter, as you may know, needs to investigate first. So I did, as I stated in the post before. I only made $200 on the write-ups I posted, but I found a work at home job for myself. Like any intelligent person, I was skeptical they were "real". I thought, what the heck? I'll do the interviews and at the same time see for myself if the work at home job list was legit. It is!

    MEMEMEME would be happy to see all of you believe that this is a scam, and I'm a scam. For what purpose? None of you have to believe me. That's the beauty of all of this. Anyone can get a free 3 page list of work at home jobs from Get the list and decide for yourself. The real question is: why doesn't MEMEMEME want you to see the free list? It doesn't cost any money. There's no obligation to buy anything. Who knows, you might find a job with one of the companies on the free list. No details or contact info is blacked out on the free list. I'm not a world class detective here, but it would seem to me that MEMEMEME is probably the owner of a "work at home" website or service of some kind. If MEMEMEME had posted his name or website, we could all Google him and get the scoop on who he is and what exactly his motivations were with that post.

    What is MEMEMEME's agenda? If he was really trying to seek out the truth for you, he would have gotten the Free List and seen there are REAL work at home jobs on it. Again, I emphasize FREE. GO CHECK OUT THE FREE LIST FOR YOURSELVES. You be the judge; you have a brain! I think they have a good 1 time price for OVER 1000 companies on it. It's worth the money people.

    OH, also note this mystery poster has only posted ONCE with both aliases "memememe and janoka". Is that not what he said about me? Hmmm makes me think he's just trying to crush others, because he has some competition. The imposter 'memememe" IS THE SCAM people. Don't let that jerk scare you from getting the free list and seeing for yourself. is here to stay.

    Special note: If this reply post is removed, if will be found on Multiple article Blogs
  6. lawrenceRider

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    One finial note: As I sure memememe's intent was to give "Bad Press" to", It in fact worked..., but in reverse. I contacted the owner of I explained what was going on. I was told to my relief, NO WORRIES, sales have been much higher over the past few month's with no sign of slowing. Oh, then I guess any press is good press. lol. Go

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