Joining Free Paid Survey Sites vs. Purchasing Paid Survey Products

Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by innerpeace, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. innerpeace

    innerpeace New Member

    Hey guys,

    I've been looking at this paid survey stuff having written it off earlier (as it took time to do surveys and I thought it was better to use that time having more fun!).

    But since so many people seem to be interested in it, I started compiling a list of survey companies that pay cash or reward you with online discount vouchers and products to test.

    However, I have never advised anyone to buy a survey product as I had the impression that all these products did was provide you with a directory of survey companies who will pay you - companies that you can sign up with for free anyway.

    So I just wanted to check if this is the case, or whether these 'survey products' actually offer anything worthwhile?

    I wouldn't want to recommend a product that you have to pay up front for yet are not guaranteed anything more than a list of sites to subscribe to... (which are free to join anyway)

    Thanks guys, and good luck!

  2. happygal

    happygal Member

    Nope. They offer nothing worthwhile.
  3. mlynn

    mlynn Member

    innerpeace: So I just wanted to check if this is the case, or whether these 'survey products' actually offer anything worthwhile?
    Well, my experience is they are a waste of money.

    There are many good and free lists of survey sites.
  4. innerpeace

    innerpeace New Member

    Thanks for your replies, happygal and mlynn.

    I guess there's no one willing to stand up and say, "I've bought a surveys product and it was great because it did this, and taught me that, and now I'm making this much..."

    So, as I suspected, it seems paid survey products are a big 'no-no'.

    Thanks guys and best wishes,

  5. happygal

    happygal Member

    Right, paying for paid surveys is a no no. But paid surveys ingeneral (meaning getting paid to do surveys) is a very real thing.

    You occassionally will hear from people who paid for a list and felt like they got good information. However, I have talked to a few people like this over the years and once I've heard about the sites that were listed and they joined, the fact is they joined sites that are readily out there to sign up for for free.
  6. trevorblack

    trevorblack New Member

    I think paid surveys have their place, if you take are getting paid to take surveys it can provide a side income that can help you financially. I think that you should be wary of products that you haven't read reviews on. I have been taking surveys for a while and they help pay for christmas for me.
  7. mkl315

    mkl315 New Member

    No do not pay for the list you can find them on your own by doing a google search.

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