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  1. jenncez

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    So I found my niche...a Consultant for Scentsy Products. I love the products and just started as a consultant about 3 months ago. So far it seems like a great work at home opportunity. Are there any other Scentsy Consultants here? Have you found this to be a good income for you? I am curious if this will be a long term business for me. It seems to be so far, but again I have just been at it for 3 months. [​IMG]

    If you haven't heard of Scentsy: We have a big selection of beautiful warmers and over 80 amazing scents. It is wickless and the wax melts over a low wattage bulb so it is safe around children or pets. We even carry adorable little stuffed animals with a pouch to put your favorite scent pak inside for a wonderful smelling kids room!


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  2. sherryw17

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    Hi Jenncez! I actually signed up to be a Scentsy consultant a few months ago to check out the company. I was actually evaluating two different companies and ended up going with the other company in the end as it was a better fit for me, but Scentsy is a great company and I love their products too. All the training and support they provide is phenomenal. You can definitely be successful with Scentsy if you want to be. Just like any business though, how successful you will be will ultimately be up to you depending on how hard you are willing to work and how motivated you are to succeed. They definitely give you the right tools to get there.

    Good luck with the new business!
  3. jenncez

    jenncez New Member

    Thanks so much Sherry!! I am really excited about my new journey. I hope I succeed! Good luck to you as well!
  4. tlavender

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    I have been selling Scentsy now for a couple months. Shoot, I loved the product so much I figured if I was going to keep buying it I might as well just become a consultant! I also love the fact that I can take it to the internet marketing level and promote to endless amounts of people. Good Luck
  5. KarenSmith67

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    Hi Jenn-

    I have a friend that has been a Scentsy consultant for a couple years now and she loves the products, but as anything else, it takes a lot of people to make decent money, and it does not provide real monthly residual income. Customers may re-order every month, but they also may not, and if they do not order each month, you do not make any money.

    I love the Scentsy smells, but I myself want to be with a company that will allow me to earn monthly residual income. Plus, I have multiple streams of income I can tap into, not just one. LOVE THAT!

    My freind is going to join me in my business, because she sees the value in it. I am looking forward to her sharing this great business with all the customers she has, as well as other Scentsy consultants who want to earn the monthly residual income.

    I am glad that you all are enjoying your Scentsy business and wish you all the best.
  6. Shanec

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    just remeber with any MLM, to make any real money you need to be in the busines of recruiting and training others to join your team to sell the product.

    If you are just interested in selling candle products then you will earn some extra spending cash which is ok too[​IMG]
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