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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by cshakesby, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    Hey guys I just joined a new mlm company called enyten. The link is in my signature.

    This company seems really legit, i ordered the products and tried them, and to my suprise they really work. The sell 4 product. energy strips, electrolyte strips, anti-oxidant strips, and melatonin strips. The energy and electrolyte work the best in my opinion, but i also take the anti-oxidant strips daily.

    I am a hockey coach for a JV team in texas, and i had the kids try the energy strips, now before every game they come up and ask me if i can give them some strips to take.

    The biggest thing i love about this MLM compnay is that there is actually a good product. Now to be honest, i havent really worked with the MLM portion to produce a downline and what not, ive been just amazed by the product so far that ive just been selling them to people i know, and im making some pretty good money off of it.

    Its just something that i thought I would share with all of you.

    Ask away if you have any questions about the company!
  2. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    Congrats cshakeby!
    It is always nice to hear a success story and how you enjoy the products you sell. That is one of the important things to success. You must believe in the product you are selling and also to enjoy what you are doing. Nice job, and thanx for sharing the good news with us. Tell the team we are cheering for their victory! [​IMG]
  3. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    thank you!

    oh and one thing i forgot to mention..if anyone takes redbull, then they should start taking this product...all of the enlyten products have 0 sugars, 0 carbs, and 0 calories...thats the main thing that sold me to try to product before i became part of the company.
  4. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Selling a product you believe in and actually enjoy using is great.
  5. unselfishbuddy

    unselfishbuddy New Member

    One of the keys to a successful MLM career is actually believing in the product the company promotes. You're on the right track. Good luck!
  6. Anthony S

    Anthony S New Member

    hello everyone, I just joined a new company too and am a complete newbie to marketing on the internet. and I agree that finding a product you believe in that actually works as good as if not better than similar products that you can buy off the shelf, is competitive or less expensive in price, and is in a niche that you are passionate about.. is 90% of the battle. And not only that, if you can make money at it too then it makes it that much easier to refer the product and business to others, because you do it with that much more confidence and enthusiasm.

    The company that I have joined is actually still in pre-launch and the product dosn't launch till 15th of March, which makes it an ideal time to join, getting in on the ground floor with an early placement in the matrix was very attractive to me so after doing my research and due diligence into the background of the manufacturer, product and founding members all was legit so I took the plunge and glad I did as I have over 40 signups already and the product isn't on the street yet, so I guess I'm very fortunate to have been introduce and invited to be placed in front of train so to speak.

    Am I exicited...Yes
    Am I enjoying myself...Yes
    Infact although I am a real caveman to this internet stuff and the learning curve is tough... yep there are good days and bad days and many frustrations but I'm getting there and all in having a ball.

    Anyway good luck to all with your endeavors in the businesses you are with.

    Regards Anthony
  7. EricC

    EricC New Member

    Hey Anthony,

    I am interested in wow green. Wondering if you could PM me some information. Also curious will you be promoting the products yourself or just the affiliate sign ups?


  8. Anthony S

    Anthony S New Member

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for asking and for your interest in Wowgreen it will be my pleasure.

    My intention is to use and promote the products myself both on and off line and build a team of affiliates and independent distributors to do that too. I am quite excited about the online stuff and different ways that this can be done on the internet, and although I am still in the early days of learning these methods, the results and business relationships formed by taking action on my lessons learnt as a go though this learning curve has been quite encouraging, and I owe a lot of it to the good folks on this forum.

    Anyway cheers for now,
    Anthony Salt
  9. ponnyfiggs

    ponnyfiggs New Member

    I think the product of company shud be also smthing tht u are comfortable to promote . Like it be smthing tht u can market easily and know abt it . For ie is shud be either a thing tht u know abt or a thing tht u have learnt abt enuf to market it properly [​IMG]. Nice to hear ur success story congrats.
  10. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    Good luck all and while were on the subject of new companies I had to mention chat to text. Every business owner needs this application. Compatible with facebook, myspace, bebo, your blog and websites. It makes your sites interactive by adding a chat box where your visitors can send a text message to your cell phone from their computer. Like having customer service right on your site and people love it.
  11. drkolarik

    drkolarik New Member

    Speaking of new companies. I just joined Synaura International. Their flagship product is called Avia, Made with the Maqui berry. The company is currently in pre launch and set to fullu launch on May 1, 2009. You probably won't believe this but they are going to start a "Guaranteed Income Program". I am seeing a lot of interest and recruiting business builders consistantly. I am really looking forward to actually trying Avia, I hope it's as good as they say. If it is then the sky is the limit.
  12. dkaspera

    dkaspera New Member

    Hi, i'm new on here but been in MLM for awhile. I also just joined a new company who is in it's pre-launch stage called lifevantage. They have some pretty good videos on there site too. Just thought i'd share because you can never have too many options.
  13. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    I love this, seeing people getting to work on their own business, taking action by joining an MLM business regardless what people say about the economy. Congratulations to all of you and I wish you the best success. Don't forget to come back to this forum and let us know the status of your success.

    Want to get exposure for your biz? Get yourself a twitter account and start making some friends there. But warning don't start promoting stuff right away build trust by participating in conversations.

    Over promoting in twitter is not a good practice but when doing it right, it can be profitable. But please don't join twitter with the only intention to promote. twitter is an excellent community with so many wonderful and talented people. Make sure you read their stuff as well.

    If you want start by inviting my twitters friends. My blog is on the signature there you will find my twitter account. [​IMG]

    I hope this helps [​IMG]
  14. ronniebranch

    ronniebranch Member

    Awesome, congratulations on your journey to success. It will be a long and perilous journey but never quit and arm yourself with great marketing knowledge and you'll go far.

    I've been boss free since 2005 and love the industry and what it can do.

    Your friend in Truth & Light,
    Ronnie Branch
  15. Elur MLM

    Elur MLM New Member

    Thank you for sharing the products. Look interesting [​IMG]
  16. milasports

    milasports New Member

    Nice! As an athlete that might be complementary a new mlm i just jumped on as well. World's Healthiest Raw food. You might consider as well as its a daily consumable food.
  17. nellco

    nellco New Member

    Im new here as well, and just recently joined a relatively new company. Im new to Internet marketing, so im getting my feet wet.

    I hope to gain knowledge from everyone hear, from what i've read so far in the different threads, there is alot of knowledge to be passed around, this is great!!

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