Just want to share some tips that have led me to success.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by aldanson, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. aldanson

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    When I started working at home I only made 128 in my first month and since then its has gone up and up each and every month. The kind of work I am doing is Affiliate Marketing which is a type of data entry program. Basically the point is to take a product or program somone has and promote it. If somone buys the program or product by clicking from your promotion you will be paid a commission.

    Okay here is what I did.

    Month 1
    In my first month (July) I just took the affiliate link and I simply posted ads.

    - I created an email address specifically for use with my affiliate marketing needs.

    - I then singed up for as many free advertising sites I could find and wrote a small add with the affiliate link in it.

    This brought in $128.00 in July

    In August I got away from the free add sites for a bit and focused on forum posts, blogs and I created a you tube video with the affiliate link.

    This worked out a lot better as I brought in $560.00

    September came and I continued with the blogs and forum posts but I also added a page specifically about my affiliate link.
    I singed up for a site that gives you free space to create a one page website. It was very simple and required no knowledge in web design at all.

    This free web space alone brought in $800.00 of my total $940.00 for September

    In October I continued with my forum posts but now I was promoting the free web page which contained all my affiliate links with descriptions. I then created a real website all about my affiliate links. I then continued to promote my site and one page web space. I am now getting hits from Google, yahoo, msn, msn live, aol and netscape. This has brought in so far this month $1500.00

    Now November 15 days in I have already made 1300.00 so as you can see this is the way to go. I am not satisfied yet, not by a long shot so if anyone has some suggestions for me I am willing to try and post the success. Hope this inspires some of you and helps you get started on the right foot.
  2. maricel

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    All sounds very good, well done.

    And the product is???

  3. aplina

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    very good for you. am always happy for people who are making it online, l have not yet made anything as am just creating content right now. but your success gives me hope.
    what is the product your promoting?
  4. stacy

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    That does give us hope and a guideline of what to do each month. I too want to know what the product is, or at the very least, if it is an ebook or someone elses's tangible product. i haven't had much luck with pet related ebooks, probably because pet people like to go to Petsmart, where you can buy books for $5.
  5. aldanson

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    it was a site that provided wholesale electronics. Basically you sign up for a membership as you would with Sams Club or Price Club and you would get access to discounted electronic products.
  6. SQ625

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    I am also having good success with affiliate marketing. What I like best about it is that it allows you to be creative since you can market any type of product that interests you. I've marketed many different things from anti spyware software to golf improvement systems.
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    Congrats! That is very well done in a short amount of time.
  8. pcwork

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  9. Momsy

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    I am quite impressed with your results, I am just starting out in understanding affiliate marketing and your results have given me hope.
  10. nette

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    What was your start up cost requirement?
  11. Good job on your success so far.

    I think this post really shows what taking continual action can do for your online endeavors. Too many people are looking for that "perfect" system, program, or idea. Or, they are stuck in "learning mode"; always searching for that next great money-making book.

    You are proof that, at some point, one needs to make a plan and take action to succeed.

    Congratulations ,

  12. Bluecash

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    Very helpful info. Thanks!
  13. 2bwahm

    2bwahm New Member

    Thanks for breaking it down like that. Congrats!
  14. homefree

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    Quoting: aldansonI singed up for a site that gives you free space to create a one page website. It was very simple and required no knowledge in web design at all.

    Thanks for sharing your success - it is motivating to hear that it can be done!

    Would you mind telling us which site you used to create your one page website?

    I'd sure be interested - thanks!
  15. cherie27

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    Congrats on your success with affiliate marketing.

    Other than free advertising, did you use any paid advertising?

    How often you advertising everyday?

    Do you have a weekly plan for it?

    Can share with the rest of the people
  16. mikepressnell

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    I think you're doing a great job because you can see what the future holds for you.

    Too many people try only one thing and then give up because they didn''t get rich quick.

    Treat your home based business just like any other business and watch it grow.

    Heck, most brick and mortar businesses don't show a profit for the first few years.

    Congratualtions on a job well done and continuing, I'm sure.

    Mike Pressnell

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