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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by cbrn, Jun 17, 2008.

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    There is a bill in the House of Representatives, HR 5353 called the Internet Freedom Preservation Act. It urgently needs the support of anybodywho doesn't want to pay to have to use the Internet. I would think this especially includes the people like myself, who either is or soon plans to be the owner of an Internet based business.

    Here is the address of the home page that details the steps that you - again, meaning all Internet users that don't want to have the largest telecommunication companies from controlling and charging for your access to go online -

    I have and am practicing the steps they recommend. I already have contacted the Congressman representing my district here in Texas. In addition, I will be following up with a letter to him with several reasons why I and other Internet users support passage of this bill. Anybody I know who frequently goes online to check their email accounts, to chat, etc., is also getting this same message from me.

    Finally, the Congressman who will head the Committee where the bill will be voted on is John Dingell. His official Washington, D.C. address is: John Dingell, Committee on Energy and Commerce, 2125 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515. His phone number is (202) 225-2927. I am notsure at this time on how he has voted on other consumer friendly bills in the past, but am investigating it now. One concluding point is that you can also write and/or call the two Senators from your respective state. Also, one of the most useful features of the site quoted above is that you can read stories from people in your own state tell why in their own words why they don't want the largest telecommunication companies taking away the freedom we enjoy today to use the Internet as we please.

    The time to act is NOW, because it is getting short. This bill needs and deserves the immediate support of everyone who goes online and doesn't want their freedom taken away!! Exercise your voice or lose it, people. It's your choice.

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    This is great, but I doubt this is going to happen nation-wide any time soon. Here in Mississippi, we've been trying to get a free wifi bill passed from some time now. The petition and all other necessary items have been submitted, yet our system explains they cannot approve it because the question: "Well, who is going to fund this?" comes to mind.
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    I'm in.
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    I won't turn it down... if it doesn't cost more money [​IMG]

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