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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by coreyjroman, Oct 21, 2007.

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    Well... I have finally finished testing the usefulness of "free traffic exchanges" and I must say that there are some advantages to using them. I noticed though that most that directly point to your product, service or opportunity get lost in the mix and your site is passed over as just another click for credit. So... How can YOU utilize these exchanges in a way that will create a beneficial and unique experience. It all comes down to 2 things;

    You must use your head to create a "catch page"(the page that people will see when they click on your free traffic link) that is not over cluttered with junk. Make the important stuff as visible as possible. Give your catch page a professional look and feel. I see so many ugly pages out there that look like they were created by some high school kid that just learned how to make a web page using horribly generic templates to make their pages. The fact is people will not even give it a second glance.

    You must make whatever it is people will see as visually appealing as possible. You must create a desire to continue reading in the first few lines of info and then use magnetic sentences to create a need for your website, product or service. If you saw one catch page all the time you would most likely ride right on by it but if it were unique and immediately intriguing you might take a second glance. This is exactly what others are thinking when they see yours. By re-branding a common idea and making it more interesting you will maximize your results.
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    Join several exchanges. It all comes back to that old saying... "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket". You could spend a few minutes a day on four or five of these and rack up banner impressions, text ads and website hits.

    I would personally stray away from traffic bars that require installation of some sort. These are notorious nests for adware viruses and even the legitimate ones are memory rapists and can slow your computer down considerably. You see so many people out there that have five or six useless tool bars cluttering up their browser bar and many people install them just so they can get to a website quickly or with hopes of getting free ads. My opinion... bookmark. Even if a traffic bar installer states that they are adware free they still monitor your browser activity and send information back on your habits. This process takes a lot of memory.
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    Really good advice. I have been exploring traffic exchanges myself.

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    You have to determine what your time is worth.

    If you are getting results from free traffic exchanges, that is great.

    But even so, it should only be one piece to your marketing.

    If you only rely on free traffic exchanges, the chances you are really going to make a significant income or build a significant downline are unrealistic.

    It should just be one piece to the marketing puzzle.

    Thank you for posting your insights.

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    why not just write artricles
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    Everyone is different. Some people don't want to write articles because they are time consuming and a lot of the time it is hard to get a high search engine ranking.

    There are two things that you should be doing while you are surfing traffic exchanges.

    First is collecting email addresses. The second is building the downlines in the traffic exchanges.

    Since most of the people aren't really looking at your site. The hits you receive are far less valuable than other hits.

    So the only way to receive the amount of hits you need is by focusing on building traffic first. And you do that by convincing the people whose email address you are collecting to join TE exchange downline builders like traffic hoopla, advertopia, or vital viral.

    If you are just using a traffic exchange to advertise a website, you are wasting your time.

    TE's are a their own businesses entirely.

    The ideal situation is to spend months only building up traffic in TE's, then when you are averaging thousands of hits a day, send those hits to a biz op website.

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