Keywords - How Many to Choose? How to Use?

Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by jhoecannon, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. jhoecannon

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    I just read Perry Marshall's 5 Day Course and he says that 100 - 200 should be the minimum number of keywords to use on Google Adwords to promote a website - and, I am assuming he also means Landing Page. What is the average number that most of you use?

    I am learning that your text in your Landing Page should use a certain quantity of these keywords (3-5% of the total text per page) - should the exact same keywords used in the Landing Page, should they also be used in the ad? And, if you write a Blog to support this Ad/Landing Page via SEO, should these exact same words appear in the text of the Blog?
  2. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Jhoecannon,

    Perry Marshall is a good author. He knows about SEO but is best known for his expertise on Adwords.

    Considering the high number of keywords or keyword phrases, I would assume that he is speaking of a multiple page site rather than a landing page.

    A landing page is either a stand alone page or a single page within a site. It's not a good idea to optimize a single page for so many keywords or keyword phrases.

    Here's a tip: Try to resist exceeding three phrases per page.

    In the second paragraph you are referring to a concept known as Keyword Density. Believe it or not, that's an outdated concern when it comes to the Google search engine except for one fact.

    Never exceed a 5% density. That's all you need to know about keyword density. Some of the other search engines and directories aren't picky about spam and spammers.

    Yahoo is different, it does read keyword density and keyword meta tags...for now. Furthermore, as you might know, it's actually a directory with search phrase capability.

    Yes, the main keyword phrase on your blog or article should match the one on your landing page.

    ~Newbie Shield~
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    Believe it or not google in a round about way gives you several tips of their own if you have the time to look and read:

    Because many of the search engines use different methods a tried and true method will always be to have good keywords and relevent and useful well as backlinks. Stick to those three things and you should be fine.

    As for keywords: I would agree with Newbie shield on the density. 3-5% is more than enough.
  4. jhoecannon

    jhoecannon New Member

    Thanks. Very helpful info.

    Another question - If your keyword phrase contains 5 words and your entire page contains 100 words(counting the 5 words from my keyword phrase), would my keyword density be considered 5% or 1%? In other words, does each word in the keyword phrase count as one keyword? Or, does it make a difference on how I have used the keywords as either Broad Matched, Phrase Matched, or Exact Matched?
  5. jeffathome

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    Each time you mention your phrase it would be 1% in your example of 100 words. If you were targeting 1 keyword then that would be 1%. If you use a long tail phrase that contains 5 words that would be 1% also.
  6. opendomain

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    I wouldn't get too caught up on the % numbers to be completely honest. It's a good thing to know and keep an eye on to make sure you've hit it a couple of times, but really what you want to content. Keywords are great but in the end you want to be able to do something with the results you're getting. If your page/article/blog is solely based on keywords I think it might be harder to get across a good point or a solid "pre-sell". Usually writing that is calculated comes off as such and can turn people away if not done right.

    Landing pages are a bit different because typically these are shorter and you do want more of a calculated "sales" approach, which keywords do help on. But again I think a good landing page is going to have the keywords regardless if you're trying to or not.
  7. Newbie Shield

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    Your phrase as a whole in your scenario would constitute 5%. Assuming that none of the words in your phrase were ever repeated again (unlikely but it happens), each word would be 1%.

    I'm sure that your landing page would contain at least a few hundred words. If you mention your phrase once in the body on a page, that would be sufficient.

    Nowadays, the off-page SEO (back links) counts for a lot more than the on-page SEO body text.

    By all means, do your on-page SEO, but do it minimally or you risk getting flagged for a number of things.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  8. pcwork

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    Unfortunately , while optimizing keyword density, at times, the information provided becomes less readable

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