Kyle Busch dies and goes to Heaven.....

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    When he arrives he is in awe of the beauty that is to much to put into words.
    He is greated by God, who tells him "Well done! I have built a beautiful home for you! Follow me!"
    So God takes Kyle up a beautiful golden avenue, lined with perfect flowers and trees.
    They come to a 3 story mansion and Kyle is speechless at its size and beauty.
    God says, "Guess what Kyle, This is your new home!"
    Kyle falls to his knees and cries "Thank you soo much! I dont deserve this at all!"
    Suddenly, something down the street catches his eye. It is a mammoth structure, the size of the pentagon,
    and is far more beautiful than the mansion that God had just given him.
    There are 24 golden flag poles, each having a huge golden flag emblazened with the #24.
    Outside, in the courtyard, there are thousands of people laughing and dancing for joy!
    Kyle said, "God, I truely am thankful for my mansion and I dont want to sound ungreatful but.."
    God replied, "Whats on your mind?"
    "Well, I was a good man, won a bunch of races, tried to do my best to be a great role model..
    Why goes Jeff Gordon get a better mansion than me?"
    God chuckled and replied, "Thats not Gordons house. Its Mine!"

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