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  1. mrspro

    mrspro New Member

    does anyone use a laptop to wk for WAH? If so what kind do u have? what should I look for? Im about to purchase one and want to know what im looking at so that I can use if for WAH
  2. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    Yes, I use a laptop. The best thing for you to do is go to the west website and look at their requirements. I already had my laptop when I applied. I'm sure any decent laptop will work fine.
  3. shamrock

    shamrock New Member

    I work at West and use a laptop as well. If you are ONLY working at West, most newer laptops will work fine. However, with some companies, Windows XP is required and you will not be able to work if you have VISTA. f you need, or just prefer, to use XP, only Dell & hp sell new computers w/xp installed. With my newest computer, I went with the Dell Vostro laptop, installed with XPPro. It also cam with the VISTA business upgrade disk. Vostro is listed as a "small business" laptop. If you go with a regular laptop, like the inspiron, XP will cost more, but it is free on some of the business models.Vista sn't compatable with everything I do so XP is a necessity.

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