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    Latest Updates from Google AdSense


    We're sending you this newsletter to update you on some exciting new AdSense features you might've missed in the past few months. We hope you'll take advantage of these new features, both for AdSense and for other Google products as well. Read on for tips about how to earn more, stay up to date with AdSense, and make your site more engaging for users.

    Feel free to let us know what you think of these updates and suggestions. We'd love to hear from you!


    The Google AdSense Team

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    New and improved features

    AdSense for search results on your site

    The latest AdSense for search option allows you to integrate Google's results directly into your site. No need to send your users to Google for their query results; now users can search for the information they seek, but stay on your site. This new search results option also allows you more customization of how the results blend into the appearance of your site. To use it on your pages, just choose the 'Open results within my site' option when generating your search code. Or, for a more detailed explanation, visit our Help Center.

    Diagnosing - and treating - crawl issues

    The new Site Diagnostics page of your account provides you with details about errors our crawler encounters when attempting to access your pages in order to determine the content and deliver relevant ads. On this page, we'll let you know when our crawler has trouble reaching one of your pages, and provide you with suggestions for resolving the problem so we can access your pages and provide you with relevant ads.

    More referral options, more revenue

    Along with the new and improved designs for referrals we've been offering over the past few months, we've also added two new products to your referral selections: Google Pack and Picasa. Google Pack, now available to most publishers and users around the globe, is a downloadable collection of essential software applications. You'll receive up to US $2 for each successful Pack conversion. Picasa, Google's photo organization and editing software, earns you up to $1 for each successful conversion. Add a Pack or Picasa referral to your site today to get started earning more!

    Introducing a new ad format - the 200 x 200 Small Square

    We're happy to introduce the newest AdSense ad format - the 200 x 200 Small Square. This ad format supports text, image, and video ads and offers you yet another option of integrating AdSense in to your site. To take a look at this new format, check out the Ad Formats page.

    Take action on your channel data with our newly designed channels page

    You asked for it, you got it! Based on feedback we received from publishers, we're happy to announce a newly designed Channels page under the AdSense Setup tab in your accounts. In addition to better organizing the channel data for each AdSense product within its own subtab, the new design makes it easier for you to take action on your channels. Just select the checkbox next to any channel and then choose to activate, deactivate, remove, or rename the channel as you please. Find more information about getting started with channels in our Help Center.

    What do you Folks think about the latest changes to Adsense?
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    The new channels is kind of confusing, have not checked out the other features yet
  3. mtsouth

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    Looks interesting. I'll have to research more to see if this is something I could use.
  4. webmoney4u

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    Channels are good if you know what you are doing.
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    Wow... Try posting Google adsense in your signature on The
    Warriors forum. I can't imagine the reaction! [​IMG]

    John. Do Google approve of you claiming to be part of the
    Google Adsense Team? That is the impression your post gives!

    Who (if anyone) moderates this Forum!

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