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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by purposedriven42, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. purposedriven42

    purposedriven42 New Member

    May I know if anyone has a lead generation system where you don't make the first call. As I understand from what I read, John Counsel's PearlMaker Sponsoring System is like that. I want to know what similar systems are available in the market today.


  2. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    Our team has co-opped to buy adversising in 8 or 10 home business magazines. We don't make the first call, they come to us. I am doing a lot of attraction marketing on my own, I don't have to chase leads, they come to me.

  3. web20mentor

    web20mentor New Member

    My entire system is about NEVER making an outbound call and NEVER buying a lead.

    I never ever chase or sell someone into my businesses.

    ONLY once someone has called me or reached out to me in some way will I offer my program. And I have 3-10 people either call me or directly email me everyday asking for my help and/or telling me that they want into my business.

    It's called The All 4 One Mastermind.

    Hope that helps.
  4. kevin664

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    There is a whole industry coming to life these days
    advocating this type of prospecting for distributors.

    It is a fabulous way of circumventing the process of
    buying business opportunity leads.

    Here is a good system that is on the market today
    that is worth a shot:

    The Power Prospecting System

    You may want to do a Google search on it to take
    a look.

    - Kevin Tyler Smith
  5. SoVaNi

    SoVaNi New Member

    Hey Jose. The new type of Netowrk Marketing is about positioning yourself in the internet space in a way that you are being the chased one - always. SO it's pretty comfortable, because that way you meet people that really want to work with you and all the explaining from you is being erased. So there are a lot of possibilities to be in one. [​IMG] Just take a closer and deeper look [​IMG] Take care.
  6. raneshw

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    I think Web20Mentor and I use a similar system.. if not the identical one. It it is a must-have for all those in any network marketing, mlm or direct sales business.

    All you will have to do is "return" phone calls to those who have called you first requesting for more information or to join your team.

    Within an hour you can have HOT prospects who are calling you.

    In my opinion it's a more than worthy investment to grow my business.

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