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  1. jcpnow

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    I'm new to the forum and the topics I've followed so far have been very positive and helpful. I am re-building my networking organization from a small (pop. 1,500) community on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am looking for entrepreneurs outside my State. Has anyone had a good experience with a lead program that targets business builders who are serious about finding a home based business?
  2. mountainmom5

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    You looking to buy leads? It's best to generate your own, you know [​IMG]

    But I have used a ton of lead programs in my day and one of my favorites was Tim Sales program called brilliantexchange.com - I haven't used them for quite some time so things may have changed..

    Good luck.[​IMG]
  3. Franklin

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    I agree with mountainmom5, generating your own leads will help you create a solid business empire. I didn't have much success buying leads but when I learn how to generate my own leads big different high conversion rate.

    I used to use earnproleads.

    I hope this work, generate free targeted leads with credit card in hand for your business is not that hard. Look good in this forum and you will learn free how to get targeted traffic, how to convert traffic into leads and sales.

    Keep in touch! [​IMG]
  4. jcpnow

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    Thanks for the in-put. My partner and I are building our local organization and want to expand into Arizona, Texas and Florida so we will give these programs a go. We did leads years ago and as you both indicated the programs change from month to month.

    While I'm asking we had a Japanese organization a few years ago but it has faded away. We were working with older individual and the new market appears to be younger and less structured. Any pearls of wisdom on recruiting cold in that market?
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    The viability of leads is really based on a bunch of different factors. I do agree that generating your own leads is the best option. Let me go over some of the ways we generate as well as acquire leads for our business.

    Our business is travel so generating leads isn't the most difficult thing to do. Everyone loves vacations and if they can get it at a discount that's even better. So we create splash and lead capture forms that we advertise on the internet. There are some simple ways to create pages and many of them are free. Instant Squeeze Page Generator is a great tool to use. You can also find sites that create free websites and use them. Do a Google search and dozens will come up. Most don't require you to know HTML so they are so easy anyone can use them.

    To create the actual form on the page you can also do a Google search. Emailmeform is a great tool for this. You can place the form on any of the free websites you create as well as promote your product.

    Another resource to use for leads is other business owners. How about finding a business owner that is in a business that doesn't compete with your opportunity and partner up? I do joint ventures like this all the time. For instance my business is travel and I have a large supply of 3 day 2 night complimentary vacations. Imagine if we gave one to everyone that took a look at your website. Do you think that would generate you some traffic and leads? How about offering them as incentive for prospects buying your product or as an incentive to buy higher ticket items? Upgrade to this product and get a vacation. This type of marketing works well as everyone wins.

    Another way I generate leads is by offering tools that everyone needs. I have about 5 sources that give me well over 100k business opportunity seeker leads for free each month. So I created a lead capture page to promote this service. When business owners sign up I call them to be sure they got their leads and ask about their opportunity. This gives me a chance to talk about joint ventures as well as let them see my product. If they are making money in their opportunity most of the time they want to go on vacation and why not go on vacation thru my business. It's a good fit.

    Other good ways to generate leads are through writing in forums as well as article marketing. Create a blog and become an expert on your business. The traffic you get from this is so valuable.

    I hope something I have said is helpful. If you have further questions then be sure to contact me for more details. Success to you in your business.
  6. jcpnow

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    Thank you. Good stuff!
    ALOHA Jim
  7. LawrenceTam

    LawrenceTam New Member

    I hope your not buying leads but instead, generating them yourself.

    market to your target market [​IMG]

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