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    I am going to give you an update on one company I have been dealing with and who is starting to get me really flustered.

    They advertised in HBC. The big feature of the company was the fact that you can have UNLIMITED access to the lead database for one flat price per year instead of paying "per lead". I thought is was a great concept and since you could "cherry pick" the leads you wanted, thought it was a great value.

    Here is a quote from the website: "We generate up to 900 Fresh Leads a day."

    So I plunked down $500.00 for a yearly membership.

    To make a long story short, they are apparently still in business. But the leads... the freshest ones you will get are July leads and they have not updated the database since. angry

    I have emailed them several times and just called them "again" today and still no response.

    here they are http://www.leadsupply.com/

    So be careful...

    Oh and did I tell you about the great value they have on email blasts.... thats also about 500 bucks shame on you

    If I get and answer from them I will update this post. Till then.....beware.

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