Legitimate data entry job with residual income in India?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by skpatel20, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. skpatel20

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    I am seeking for a legitimate data entry job in India with multilivel referral or affiliate scheme, so that I can introduce that in my region (Orissa). Through googling I find very few, http://www.earnparttimejobs.com/index.php being one among those which provides just single level referral.

    Seeking for some experienced suggestions.
  2. computerincome

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    Acme People Search is a program i have one of my websites pointed to at the moment and is performing and increasing every month.
    It has numerous referrals all in the one and if you already have your own website it wont cost you anything to join. One of the affiliate programs is GDI which has websites for $10 hosted (us) again this is all built into the one marketing system to also build your GDI (amongst others) downline. Good Luck. [​IMG]
  3. skpatel20

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    I followed instructions for Acme People Search but it needed me to register with GDI. I already have my own infrastructure and would not like to go with GDI. Had created a ticket for it but did not get response yet.

    Guys - any other suggestions?


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