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  1. timbawoof

    timbawoof New Member

    I received this email today:

    Job: $13.00 / hr. Date Entry~CRS

    Work hrs 24/7 Work from home or on-site in your state.

    Experience is a plus, you may choose own work hrs 24/7.

    Work from home full or part time taking Catalog/ Informercials orders from
    a central dial up & log in station. Must have computer access and training
    will be provided, however exp is a plus. Great Pay.

    *Compensation: $13.00 per/hr work full or part-time.

    Telecommute work from your home or office..

    Apply: http://www.legitjobs.net

    Leslie Edwards

    Human Resource Mgr


    Is anyone familiar with this outfit. costs 12.95 to enroll...
    Any thoughts on this anyone?

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  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Avoid data entry jobs with a joining fee, most are business opportunities and you will lose your money.
  3. HomeBizMama

    HomeBizMama New Member

    Yes.. I've been scammed once on one of those website. It's called NCTS something for the exact same amount. It just takes you to a list that of work at home jobs that you can google for yourself like: LiveOps, WestAtHome, VeraFast, ect. I knew it just sounded too good to be TRUE! I filed a report and the website is no longer available.
  4. timbawoof

    timbawoof New Member

    I'm so glad to have this forum!
    I do NOTHING online without running it by the community here.
    I feel like it's a great source of open, honest, been there-done that info.
  5. jaugustat

    jaugustat Guest

    One of my first mistakes when I started searching the internet for opportunities. If I can give any advice, RESEARCH. A simple google search or a post on a forum and wait a day or two before jumping into something. This way you can try and cover all angles and have a fresh mind.
  6. kevink88

    kevink88 New Member

    This is a typical scam. They collect your enrollment fee and run.
  7. kmex222

    kmex222 New Member

    Most data entry jobs do have some fee to enroll. that does not mean it is a good chioce though. I havent done data entry in acouple years. I worked for a legit company though. I will try and find the contact info and let you know.
  8. kingjim

    kingjim New Member

    If you are serious about a home based income you need to start thinking like a business person. Something quick and easy will give you zero results and most yes...are scams.

    To truly build a home based business that you can be proud of and enjoy doing will take a little more work, but will be well worth it financially and for your sanity. I suggest you take your time and review a business that offers a system, good products/services and most of all good support. A proven track record and good reports about the business are also a must.

    Good Luck.

  9. timbawoof

    timbawoof New Member

    Most certainly. You are absolutely right.
    I appreciate your input.
    I am having the most "luck" with eBay so far. It is by no means easy.
    A lot of time and effort locating and procuring goods. Then the writing and postings, too. But I am seeing results. which are what counts!
    I am however on the look out for good oportunities. (After careful research)
    I am learning quite a bit from the resources and people at the work at home forum.
  10. awesomeincome

    awesomeincome New Member

    I have signed up of a data entry too about 2 weeks ago but until now I havent heard from them. I will try to check the name and post it here so others can be warned.
  11. mrhelp4less

    mrhelp4less New Member

    You may be interested in this option. It pays a heck of a lot better than an hourly and its easier than your normal 9 to5.
  12. Savvie

    Savvie New Member

    Yea, gotta watch out for those data entry offers that charge money. You wouldn't pay for a regular J.O.B. doing data entry, so why should you when being hired online?

    Starting up your own biz, such as network marketing/MLM of course can be a different story. But getting into a company/product that you really enjoy, plus developing residual income, makes it worthwhile to hang in there and put out the effort... just expect it to take time. It truly does pay to do research first, so you don't join anything beyond your means of expenses.

    While growing a home business, many people do surveys for some extra cash, which you should never have to pay for. A site that I see many people trust and use is SurveyPolice.com

    Ebay sounds fun, hope it's going well for you!

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