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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Claire93, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

    Hi all,
    right now I have some misunderstandings in my family. My husband is trying to control me all the time. He is always following me. My friend tells he is just very jealous. What should I do?
    Help me, please.
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Try talking to him about it. Maybe some marriage counseling would help? It might be better to ask a friend or relative for advice who knows more about your situation.
  3. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

    I was trying to talk with him. He thinks that our relations are ok.
  4. elvisobryant

    elvisobryant New Member

    If you have done nothing to warrant such actions from him, it sounds like you guys need counselling. Relationships are hard enough without the added stress of trust issues. Doing an intervention may also be an idea, this will involve your family and friends who are seeing this as well. Maybe that can open eyes.
    Hope this helps and good luck
  5. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

    thank's a lot, will try to do It.
    Hope that will help us.
  6. Dorean Clarke

    Dorean Clarke Member

    You have the best advice. Hope you can update us if it helps!
  7. cravenslope

    cravenslope New Member

    He might be feeling insecure and may be thinking that there's someone else. I suggest that you initiate a hear-to-heart talk with him. Let him feel that you can be trusted and that your relationship or marriage is very secured. Allow him to go with you with your friends and let him jam with them. Try to gain his trust and later on you'll notice that he won't it again.
  8. Dorean Clarke

    Dorean Clarke Member

    I agree with you. (Y) Hope everything will turn out fine.
  9. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

    Thanks, God, everything is fine right now. And I’m very glad to share this news with you. We spend more time together and our relations seems to be fine. Thanks for your support, guys.
    Have a nice day, there!

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