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  1. weebitty

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    I received this in an e-mail and thought I would post it and see if anyone had an knowledge of this?? Comments are always welcome. I am going to try the sunglasses whenever I can. If you try it let us know what you experienced??


    How to achieve good vision while driving
    during a heavy downpour.

    We are not sure why it is so effective; just
    try this method when it rains heavily. This method was told by a
    Police friend who had experienced and confirmed it.

    It is useful...even driving at night. Most
    of the motorists would turn on HIGH or FASTEST SPEED of the wipers
    during heavy downpour, yet the visibility in front of the windshield
    is still bad.

    In the event you face such a situation, just
    try your SUN GLASSES (any model will do), and miracle! All of a
    sudden, your visibility in front of your windshield is perfectly
    clear, as if there is no rain.

    Make sure you always have a pair of SUN
    GLASSES in your car, as you are not only helping yourself to drive
    safely with good vision, but also might save your friend's life by
    passing along this idea.

    Try it yourself and share it with your friend
    and family! Amazing -- you still see the drops on the windshield, but
    not the sheet of rain falling!

    You can see where the rain bounces off the
    road. It works to eliminate the "blindness" from passing semis
    spraying you too. Or the "kickup" if you are following a semi or car
    in the rain.

    They ought to teach that little tip in
    driver's training.. It really does work.

    This warning is a good one!

    I wonder how many people know about this.

    A 36 year old female had an accident several
    weeks ago and totaled her car. A resident of Kilgore, Texas she was
    traveling between Gladewater & Kilgore. It was raining, though not
    excessively, when her car suddenly began to hydroplane and literally
    flew through the air. She was not seriously injured but very stunned
    at the sudden occurrence!

    When she explained to the highway patrolman
    what had happened he told her something that every driver should know
    she was being cautious by setting the cruise control and maintaining
    a safe consistent speed in the rain..

    But the highway patrolman told her that if
    the cruise control is on when your car begins to hydro-plane and your
    tires lose contact with the pavement, your car will accelerate to a
    higher rate of speed making you take off like an airplane. She told
    the patrolman that was exactly what had occurred.

    The patrolman said this warning should be
    listed, on the driver's seat sun-visor - NEVER USETHE CRUISE CONTROL
    WHEN THE PAVEMENT IS WET OR ICY, along with the airbag warning. We
    tell our teenagers to set the cruise control and drive a safe speed
    -- but we don't tell them to use the cruise control only when the
    pavement is dry.

    The only person the accident victim found,
    who knew this (besides the patrolman), was a man who had a similar
    accident, totaled his car and sustained severe injuries.

    NOTE: Some vehicles (like the Toyota Sienna
    Limited XLE) will not allow you to set the cruise control when the
    windshield wipers are on. If you send this to 15 people and only one
    of them doesn't know about this, then it was all worth it.

    You might have saved a life.
  2. VictoriaNTC

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    I will try the sunglasses.
    I prefer to not drive in the dark, yet must do it at times. [​IMG]
    Thank you for the awesome post.

  3. weebitty

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    what I would like to know is how to drive at night when it is raining and the white line seems to disappear!! anyone have anything on that??
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Interesting tips.

    Also, Rain-x works great to keep the windshield clearer in any rain situation. It's like a clear wax on the windshield.

    I once, a very long time ago, drove from Ohio to D.C. with a guy using it because his wipers were broke, and it was raining pretty hard. I've been aware and used the product since.
  5. country

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    This just may be a good place to do this post!

    Having been an over the road truck driver for 37 years,training truck drivers,being a 3rd party examiner for the state highway department,being involved with the national safety council, being called by groups of attorneys to assist with accident investigations involving trucks.......Maybe....just maybe....I'm qualified to make a few comments:

    Free cash man....I agree...the Rain X is great...but Coca Cola will also remove road salt grime from a wind shield....I used it before wind shield washers were ever put on trucks!

    In a good portion of all accidents,when an investigating officer asks someone"Where did the other vehicle come from"?

    #1 Answer----"It came from out of nowhere"!

    Also, when an investigating officer ask "Exactly what happened"??

    #1 Answer usually starts with.."I looked up" and..........

    Geeeeezzzzzz.....All vehicles come from somewhere.......and what in the hell were you lookin down for while you were driving?

    All have a great day and stay safe!

  6. talfighel

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    This is funny because I was driving in the rain on Saturday with my mom and dad and we actually talked about it.

    This is so true because when you use your sunglasses, you don't really see the rain that is coming down on your windshield.

    Good stuff.

  7. weebitty

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    Thanks country and Tal for your posts. I am very interested in anymore pearl of wisdom you have country you sound like you would be able to add alot to this article so chime right in please[​IMG]

    I am glad to hear that it work though. Maybe this will help someone. Hey country how about the cruise control in rain?? Is this true it kind of makes sense maybe a stupid question??
  8. country

    country New Member


    Absolutely......Positively....Never......use cruise control on wet...slick...icey...or snowey pavement.If you drive a stick shift...then downshift to slow your vehicle on ice or snow...avoid using brake pedal at all. If you do use brakes....use a process called stab braking....whereby you hit brakes hard and release immediately....regain steering control...then repeat process...this is great for ice. If you skid...turn front wheels in direction of skid. This will help maintain directional control.
    If by chance you drive an 18 wheeler......Never use Jake Brake on ice or snow....
    More tips will follow....

    Stay safe all,
  9. jeffreysloe

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    I received the same email but never had a chance to try it out. Thanks for reminding me about it.
  10. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    thanks country for advice. thankfully I don't drive a 18 wheeler. But you give sound advice keep it coming please. I am sure we can all be reminded or for those young onesthat don't have the experience, maybe it will save a life!!
  11. mreese601

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    Looks like I need to go and get a pair of sunglasses.

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