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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by cgmom, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. cgmom

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    Hey everyone!

    I am considering upgrading to level 3 but was wondering what you get in this package that is different from Levels 1&2? Are the accomodations any nicer? Would love your feedback! Thanks in advance!

  2. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    Nicole, in L3 there comes over 40 international vacations, 1 week and 2 week trips, they are not free and not super cheap but big discounts, not as big as I hoped.

    There is the all inclusive plan

    Then there is the 1000 locations cert which is different than all the rest of the 2 night 3 day certs.

    So for what you are getting, the value is there.

    As a biz opp, the real value of course is in the bigger commissions. Plus, people do and rise up to what you do... so if you are L3 and recruiting, people will do ultimately what you did and step up to L3 as well.

    It's all mindset, the value is absolutely there for an $11,000. If you don't feel it is, you'll never sell one.
  3. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Interesting, traveling internationally is very different than traveling elsewhere.

    For example, we traveled from DFW to NYC to London to Rome, Italy
    with stops in each city.

    Most online booking engines can't plan out a trip with that many stops in between or as referred to as multiple destination bookings. I would love to see how Coastal would have done it even with L3 [​IMG]

    Making that many airline reservations to that many places took us quite a while coordinating it all.

    It was a 3 week trip, the most memorable ever!!!

    I want to see all of Europe now, France and than hop down to Monaco would be the next one we plan, you have to get accustomed to what all is involved to international travel, it is different believe me.


  4. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    Rember you are working with licensed and boned agents who'll help you plan out your trips, so you have a memorable time as well.
  5. cgmom

    cgmom Member

    Thanks for the L3 information. I have been out of town and had been away from the forum. I really appreciate all of your help! Can you elaborate more on the agents doing the planning for the level three trips?

    No thanks on the Funtime call. My Coastal business is great and I plan to change nothing. I can appreciate your enthusiam for your Funtime business, but please keep in mind this is the Coastal forum; a great place to promote your Coastal business.

    To everyone's success!

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  6. ateamfuntimer

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    As of tomorrow it will be official that the Fun Time "Leads" Program is a part of the COASTAL PACKAGE. For that reason it has been talked about in here. It is just like talking about the access card or any of the other cards or vacations in the package. I applaud everyone that is happy as I am with their COASTAL business and am not trying to change peoples choice of business. The purpose as I see it of a forum is to educate everyone on their package. If this is not done by talking about everything in the package I think we are all missing the point. Remember when your team mates get info anything in the package it is our job as their coach , mentor, director to inform them. For any of you that are involved in the CSG organization in Coastal you know that myself and my wife have done exceptionally well in Coastal. Why would we walk away from a 6 figure income? I will continue to talk about parts of the Coastal package in this forum. I apologize to anyone that is not looking to learn as much as they can from the free exchange of information posted in this forum if I have offended them. Again my goal is to talk about the entire Coastal package in its entirety. I wish you all the greatest success possible.

  7. cgmom

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    That's funny because I don't see you talking about other parts of the package like you have FT. If you are working the entire Coastal package, let's talk about other portions of the package for awhile and back away from FT. I never saw a post by you on this board until you showed up one day and informed us that of this "change." If you are so dedicated to helping everyone, wouldn't you have contributed to the board prior to this?

    PS, another post that had absolutely nothing to do with this topic that you hijacked.

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