LGN Revolution - A New Beginning

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  1. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    Good Bye LittleGuyNetwork![​IMG]

    Hello LGNRevolution! [​IMG]

    On Wednesday, Sept. 10, James Ward, the CEO of LittleGuyNetwork, sent emails to members announcing that the program was being replaced by LGNRevolution immediately.

    Why? I attended a conference call this morning to get the answer to this question.

    James had a partner, Ben. James and Ben had differing views about the direction the business should go. So, they parted ways. James created LGNRevolution because he believed the name change provided more opportunity for members. The LGNSolutionCenter also changed names. It is now the LGNSalesCenter. Members who were enrolled in the LGNSolutionCenter did not lose their leads, statistics, and contact tools. This information was transferred to the LGNSalesCenter.

    There have been some big changes, good ones. Here is a summary:

    1. The website has a new, exciting look.

    2. James is allowing anyone who has ever been a member of LittleGuyNetwork to join LGNRevolution, regardless if they kept up with their administrative fees or not, without repaying the full purchase price. All they have to do is pay the administrative fee.

    3. LGNX is now $498 to join and LGN $198. The $2 price reduction is a new marketing strategy.

    4. All new members will pay a new administrative fee of $24.95 per month. The current, paid members are grandfathered in at the $19.95 fee per month. For this one low fee, members get the website, free live chat agents ready to close your sales, the LGNSalesCenter, and weekly calls for prospects, new member training, and marketing. The LGNSalesCenter provides 6 brand new lead capture pages, an About Me page, 2 fully customizable lead capture pages, a free autoresponder system fully loaded with a message series, the ability to create your own message series, contact manager, contact statistics, video tutorials, etc. Previously members had to pay $3.99 extra for the LGNSolutionCenter. Now it is included in the $25.95 monthly fee. Those grandfathered in at $19.95 will get the LGNSalesCenter regardless whether they had it previously or not. Since I was paying the $3.99 per month, my fees will decrease.

    5. Within 2 or 3 weeks, LGN members will be able to upgrade to LGNX by paying the membership fee differential ($300). Previously they were only able to do this by purchasing LGNX at full price.
    6. All members continue to have access to free software and travel vouchers in the back office. The travel vouchers are now in PDF format and contain the website address where they can be redeemed.

    I think I mentioned all of the current changes. James promises that there are more changes to come. He already offers more than any other business of this type. I can't wait to see what he adds!

    This is a truly exciting time at LGNRevolution![​IMG]
  2. jaugustat

    jaugustat Guest

    Wow big changes but they sound very promising. I have plenty of friends that are members of LGN and I myself having been looking into joining. This might be the decision maker for me. Thanks for the update MISongbird
  3. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    You're very welcome Jaugustat! I'm very excited about the changes and can't wait to see what James will add next!
  4. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    Hey Robin!!!

    Girl you keep doing your thing. I am seeing you all over this net. You keep coming to the calls and doing these postings you are going to take over!!!

    I love it!!! It is great to see folks prospering in their endeavors!!
  5. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    Thanks Scott! I have a long way to go before I'm "all over this net" as much as you are. Thanks for the compliment and support!
  6. Casper

    Casper New Member

    Is this another crappy e-book & software business.
  7. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    Casper, it's not a crappy e-book and software business. From the tone of your message, it appears you've had some bad experiences with some of the internet business "opportunities" out there. I'm sorry.

    LGN Revolution is THE BEST business I've found. Believe me, I've looked and tried many of them before finding LGN Revolution. The best way to learn about LGN Revolution is to visit the website and watch the movie, read the info, and attend an overview call. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

    Have a great day!
  8. mrhelp4less

    mrhelp4less New Member

    Thank you soooooo much for your posting. You nailed it. LGN Revolution is a super program. If I can do it anyone can do it if they try. It has a minimal cost with a big big upside.

    "Remember having MS doesn't mean your life has to stop"
    "I'm living proof"
  9. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    "Is this another crappy e-book & software business?"
    If you only knew...

    I love when I see posts like this!! It allows me to know there is still a VAST amount of folks looking for a change. If only people would take time to realize they are responsible for their own life and today is simply a residual of their yesterday...Things could get better. Folks blame it on the economy, government, whose in or out of office, their job, state, etc... Folks Take Responsibilities for your own self and I can almost guarentee your tomorrow is looking real good!!!
  10. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    You're welcome Mrhelp4less! I was soooooo excited about the changes that I just had to let folks know about them. I like to spread GOOD NEWS! [​IMG]

    And, made2prosper, folks who are unhappy with their current situation do have to take ownership of the problem and find the solution that works for them. You're right! The current economic state may have contributed to the problem, but moaning and groaning about it doesn't solve the problem. People have to take action! Inaction takes you nowhere. This is why I was encouraging Casper to visit my website and take a look at the LGN Revolution program her/him self. Seeing the presentation and reading about the program is the best way to start. Then ask questions of others about their experiences. After you have watched the movies and read the material, you are able to ask questions that will give you the information you need to make a decision. It is not possible to ask intelligent questions and receive meaningful answers if you haven't done the research first.
  11. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    I have some MORE exciting news regarding LGN Revolution that I want to share. I started a new post to give the information, but Vishal Rao removed it because "it is not compatible with our forum rules."[​IMG] I guess I did something wrong. Sorry Vishal!! Let me try to give the information again by adding to this post.

    On September 18th, the CEO of the new LGN Revolution sent me a message with the subject "URGENT!!! MESSAGE FROM JAMES WARD!!!!!" Of course I opened it right way. It's rare that I receive messages like this from James.

    James provided a website link and stated, "Please look at the link below very carefully. Please be seated when you are looking at the site, I don't want anyone getting hurt!! This is going to blow your mind!!!"


    Not only has Little Guy Network transformed to LGN Revolution, it has exploded into LGN Revolution ELITE!

    The new ELITE program offers the same quality program, support, live sales chat, contact manager, free autoresponder, marketing tools, etc. But, James has taken it a notch higher. People can now join LGN Revolution at one of 3 levels.

    $198 LGN

    $498 LGNX

    $998 LGN Elite

    James explained during an informational call that several members were asking for a "bigger ticket" item. So, James is providing it.

    I now understand why Little Guy Network changed it's name. It's not the little guy any longer. LGN Revolution is competing with every other internet business out there, including those offering the higher priced options. But, LGN Revolution is doing it better and smarter.

    According to Merriam-Webster, Revolution is "a sudden, radical, or complete change; a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something."

    LGN Revolution is truly a fundamental change in the way of thinking about internet business opportunities.

    LGN Revolution is offering three entry levels to make the program affordable to the masses. And, James promises that soon members will be able to move up a level by paying the program cost difference. This means that a new member can join at the $198 level and move up to the $498 level after making a couple of sales by simply paying the $300 difference. Then, after a couple more sales, that same person can move up to the $998 level by paying the $500 difference.

    Not only is James making LGN Revolution affordable to the masses, he's providing the tools people need to be successful.

    Oh...I'm so psyched that I almost forgot to mention something really important.... LGN Revolution ELITE will launch on October 15. Anyone who is a member of LGN Revolution at the LGNX level ($498) by October 15 will be grandfathered in at the ELITE level at no additional cost. For example, I am an LGNX member. When October 15th rolls around, I will be a member of the ELITE program, and I won't have to pay a dime. The same is true for anyone else, current member or not.

    I love this biz!
  12. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    YEAH!!! I love this business too!
  13. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    MISongbird: I started a new post to give the information, but Vishal Rao removed it because "it is not compatible with our forum rules."

    I removed it because you started a new thread when there was already an existing on thread on LGN.
  14. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    OK Vishal. I'll not repeat that error!!
  15. MaliMali

    MaliMali New Member

    If I understand correctly, you make money with LGN by having other people join in.

    How to you make people join in with all the scams that are online nowadays?

    I'm a bit skeptical...

  16. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    That would be like asking, "How do you get people to drive to a 9 to 5 job when there are so many wrecks?
  17. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    WOW - LGN Revolution is doing it again!! Look for a new look to the website and more tools for members in the near future. James Ward, CEO, is awesome. He continues to improve the product to help the members. Way to go James!!
  18. npredford

    npredford New Member

    Hi Robin,

    It was so good to hear you on the LGN call today.

    Have a great "Valentine's Day" with your hubby!

    James Ward is a great leader and always gives us positive feedback
  19. MISongbird

    MISongbird New Member

    I just received an email from James containing a link to the new website. It was just a "sneak peak" because the programmer is still working on it and it's not done yet. All I can say is WOW!. James said he was improving it, and he's gone well above my expectations.

    There is a link on the page titled "Meet the CEO". When visitors follow that link, they get a page full of information about James Ward, the CEO. He tells readers about his background, his start in internet business, and his goals. It is refreshing. I haven't seen other CEO's offer similar information.

    The movie about the business opportunity was updated also. It is shorter, more concise, and very well done. It loads faster also, keeping people on the page instead of leaving because they don't want to wait.

    The recent changes, being made to benefit members, are an example of James Ward's desire to ensure that those who join him in the business are successful. He is not self-serving and isn't helping members out so that he gets rich. I believe he genuinely wants members to succeed so that they can have better lives. This is why I tell people that LGN Revolution is a "business with a heart".

    I'll be back to let you know when the website is available to the general public.
  20. Darla Jo

    Darla Jo New Member

    Way to go Robin!!

    It's been great having you as a mentor and sponsor in this awesome business.

    Keep up the good work.

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