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    Hi, I'm new and need some info please. Has anyone heard of tried Liberty League International? It is so expensive to truly get started, but the payouts seem huge.
  2. malibumentor

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    Its hard to say for sure, but Liberty League probably has the most highly leveraged and lucrative payplan in the direct sales industry.

    Its not necesarily the easiest company to make a lot of money with it but there is no doubt that if making a ton of money is your priority Liberty League is a good choice.

    Its important to be, I feel, passionate about the product and people in the company first however. You will be speaking with many people on the phone with Liberty or EPI. If you don't believe in the value of the product, you may find it hard to make a lot of money there.
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    I joined up with League a few years ago. I paid the initial $2000, and all of the website dues, phone systems costs, 800 number costs, etc. I started making phone calls right away and was really "into" this business. I was told the cost to get started was around $2500, and I pulled that out of my savings account (money I had saved for a vacation I gave up).

    It was hard work. I had to call a lot of strangers, and using LLIs methods try to get them to go to another call that the Leaders in LLI created. It is selling, so you need to have tough skin.

    Once I started listening to calls (you are told to listen to conference calls, almost daily), I was told it was essential to my success that I go to the upcoming LLI meeting. The meeting was $200 (I had to also pay for airfare and a hotel room). They had a lot of people who talked about how much money they made. It was very powerful, and "pumped me up." They showed a lot of people being rich and with their families. I was very motivated at this point.

    At this conference, they then basically told me that there was no way I could be successful unless I bought the tickets for two major conferences. One is $6,000 (I believe) and the other was around $12,000. I was told that the only way to insure my success was to NEVER miss an event. So this includes paying to go to several small (every three months), $200 conferences, and then coming up with $8,000 at least twice a year, and another $12,000 annually. By the way, these conferences do not include airfare. Ad that up, and it means to be successful it would cost me $28,800 a year, for just conferences, not including airfare and sometimes hotels. This also does not include the website ($99 every three months) or the phone system. I can't remember how much that was; I think around $60/month.

    After attending the conference I didn't feel like I was showing integrity by trying to sell someone else "the product", especially after many wanted to know what the total expense was. I felt like I had to hide stuff, because I knew people would run if they knew how much money it actually required.

    Later, I ended up finding out that two friends of mine in LLI both had around $30,000 in credit card debt, from just one year of membership. Sad thing is, one of them(the one I bought from) led me to believe that he was making a lot of money, when the truth was; he was up to his ears in debt. I then went on to meet several of his friends in the business, which were also in debt and poor. They didn't out right tell me this, I just found out when they were discussing what a sacrifice it was, and how they were still continuing on and having faith in it. One had to move home with his folks to make his insanely high credit card bill. Call me weak and unmotivated, but I just couldn't stomach investing that much money into something that didn't seem to be panning out for several people.

    I do not think LLI is completely honest with people. They tell you success is up to you, which is true. They don't tell you that you are continually motivated to cough up more and more money. They say the product, a motivational series (Beyond Freedom), is worth the money. There is comparable stuff out there, and you can get it the product on EBay from old "Liberty Leaguers" for dirt cheap, if you are really interested. But the truth of the matter is they are selling the dream of being wealthy. The hardly talk about the product; I didn't even understand what it was until I received it in the mail. I didn't care what it was, I wanted to be RICH! I did like the product, but it wasn't worth what I paid for it. Who pays $2000 for a motivational series (book and several CDs)?

    I went to business for myself as a graphic designer, and recently selling candles. I highly recommend that you find your talent or passion and market it. (One friend is fast becoming a success with his window washing business, another selling baskets, another has coffee houses and makes TONS of cash) Find something you enjoy doing, and go on eBay, to craft fairs, whatever. It takes work, but is very rewarding and you can do very well, if you work hard and educate yourself in business. Talking to other entrepreneurs is motivating and helpful, and you can read books and take classes. There are countless resources that cost very little, if anything.

    I am not bitter or angry with LLI. I chalk the cost up to experience and have moved on. However, I believe most people will find they regret getting involved. So if you think you are one of the few who can tough it out and stomach the investment, as well as selling a dream of wealth, go for it.
  4. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    The figures are a little off, but the experiences shared here are certainly valid. Success with direct sales is not for everyone, it is only for those who develop the skills and mindset to run this type of business.

    If you read any of the classic texts on building wealth you will encounter the persistent theme that the level of income a person can have is dependent on his or her level of personal development. Liberty League sells personal development training so the logic follows that by putting the training into effect a person can attract a more prosperous life by developing a more complete "Inner Life".

    Happiness or fulfillment in life is not measured by money among mature people, but wealth certainly doesn't hurt to have. Many are attracted to the direct sales industry by the dream of earning a six figure income with no history of success in traditional business, skills in business, sales or marketing, or the necessary mindset to succeed in network marketing or any business in general.

    As someone who has crossed that bridge from being unsuccessful as an online network marketer I can attest that thge six-figure income in this game is EXCLUSIVELY the privilege of the individual who develops the skills and mindset to deserve it. That means becoming a leader.
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    16 Feb 2007 23:04 - Attached on merging:
    Join Liberty League?

    I'm planning to Join Liberty League,can you give me some advice about the company?thanks.
  6. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Great company... probably the most lucrative payplan in the Direct Selling industry. teaches you the mindset to be a real winner in this game... Which is a commodity in short supply.

    Plus, the opportunity to network and mastermind with the top players in Direct Sales, etc. Like anything theres a learning curve to learn how to market and generate targeted leads, etc... and a good sponsor can help you get your ducks in a row and not shoot yourself in the foot too much.

    Give me a call if you like. 310.359.8494
  7. TonyRush

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    I will simply say that I'm glad I didn't listen to the naysayers when I was making my decision two years ago. I got started, bought the Beyond Freedom course, started attending the training calls and following the system.

    Within 5 days, I had completed my qualification as an "Advisor".
    Within 8 days, I had recouped all my start-up costs.
    Within 30 days, I had earned $15,000 in net profit.
    Within 7 months, I was earning $40,000+ per month.

    And I celebratedmy 2nd year in the business this week by earning more this week than I used to earn in 18 months as a manager of a bookstore.

    And here's the real deal:

    - My kids have more stamps in their passport than most adults.
    - My 7-month old will never see the inside of a daycare.
    - I'm at home every morning my with my family and wake up with my kids running and jumping on my bed.
    - I've learned more about personal development in the last two years than in the previous 10 years combined

    Liberty League isn't for everyone. And certainly there will never be a shortage of people (in any company) who don't do the things that create success and come to the Net to shirk their responsibility.

    But the truth is that I've done NOTHING other than what I was taught on the training calls. It's a simple business. I'm not sure what anyone would describe about this business as "difficult"? It seems fairly simple to me.

    I hope that assists,
    Tony Rush
  8. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    Tony - good for you! I too am on my way there (no kids yet, but I am set to travel the world for a year starting in September 2007)

    Hitting it big in this business feels so good!

    I did evaluate LLI and the only problem that I had with the people was when I asked how many people were successful in their organization, no one would tell me. That was a real turn-off and made me think that they had a high failure rate.

    I do think that is normal in most of these businesses but I could not deal with that. I could not sign people up knowing that most of them were going to fail. I know that a lot of people don't do their part and that is not LLI's fault.

    I wanted to join a program where I could say the success rate is over 60% and I found it.

    I urge everyone searching for an opportunity to disregard the hype and ask the tough questions:

    What percentage of people are successful?
    What will you do to help me?
    What will my advertising budget have to be to be successful?

    And so on.

    I had a list of 100 or so questions that I would ask until I found the two perfect programs.

    In no way am I putting down LLI, it is one of the better companies out there. Just make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.

    I hope that one day everyone can be where Tony and I are at in this business!
  9. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Then why the gamesmanship on your lead capture page Bucky? You conceal the name of the program you are promoting. Say what your business is.

    Seems like a very easy thing to be upfront about.
  10. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    It is a marketing tactic. I position my websites to get the most out of page views. If you have a choice of getting 10 names or 40 from 100 pages views, don't you want to get 40? It is a smart business tactic that I use to maximize my marketing efforts. Now you could argue that 10 may be higher quality, but I am a numbers guy and I play the numbers game.

    The key to success in ANY business is lead acquisition. That is where 99% of our efforts are placed. So I intend to get the highest amount of leads so that myself and my team succeeds.

    You have your tactics and I have mine; however, there is no need change the topic from our discussion of LLI. I did not attack and I expect to be given the same amount of respect. I only stated exactly what my experience was in evaluting LLI. I did not put down LLI, I just offered my thoughts on a potential warning flag.

    I only want the best for everyone. This business is about finding your right fit and where you feel comfortable. I know that LLI is right for some, but not for others. I also know that my products are right for some and not others. My job is finding the people that are good fits for my products and opportunities. No more, no less.

    And, I do intend to find as many people as possible and along the way, help some others to do the same!

    Here's to everyone's success...the corporate world sucks...I spent a long time working for the leading health care IT firm before throwing in the towel. I hated all the long, boring meetings, about things I didn't care about, ariports and everything else that went along with it. I felt like I was selling my soul. Now, I'm free, I help people, and I do something I love. I wish that everyone can get to this place someday!
  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Ok, point taken. Success with any business in my experience has a lot less to do with the business model than with the person running it.

    The amount of money you make is, however, dependent on what your profit margins are and how effective your lead generation strategy is at attracting serious people.

    The long I play with this whole industry the more it becomes clear -- success here is all about who you are and what you bring to the table.
  12. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    Couldn't agree with you more...we are on the same page. There are so many people out there thinking it will be easy. Don't get sucked into their ploys. Make sure you find someone legit to show you the ropes and teach you. That way you have a lot to bring to the table too.

    I strive to create systems in my business, just as I did as an IT project manager. Giving clear, concise directions and solid leadership significantly increases your chances of success.

    You must partner with a mentor that is driven and always adapting and refining their techniques. This industry moves with the speed of lightining. You must always innovate to stay on top. Thats how you can bring things to the table.

    Oh yeah and when looking for mentors, make sure that they know something more than PPC and solo ads. That is a recipe for high debt and low sales.

    Just a word to the wise!

    One last comment...

    Malibumentor I am confident you are a fine mentor, your site is filled with great content and for anyone that thinks LLI is good for them, I think you would be in good hands with him[​IMG]
  13. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Thanks for that.

    (I agree about PPC and solo ads... not because these methods don't work, but becauses they stop working when you stop paying for them...

    I use PPC when I'm figuring out marketing niches, etc... but as soon as I learn where I can get the traffic I start working on getting the organic Search Engine traffic systems in place... this way I get the keyword traffic I want, without paying for it.)
  14. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Quoting: malibumentorI use PPC when I'm figuring out marketing niches, etc... but as soon as I learn where I can get the traffic I start working on getting the organic Search Engine traffic systems in place...

    That's a very good technique Loren. Thanks for sharing. Not only can you get an estimate of quantity but also the quality.
  15. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    SEO is the way to go. Free traffic is the way to success in this business.

    Testing which keywords will generate revenue through PPC is a great technique, since SEO is time consuming. You do not want to have to do that over and over again!
  16. VickeryUponAvon

    VickeryUponAvon New Member

    Quoting: TonyRushWithin 5 days, I had completed my qualification as an "Advisor".
    Within 8 days, I had recouped all my start-up costs.
    Within 30 days, I had earned $15,000 in net profit.
    Within 7 months, I was earning $40,000+ per month.

    If you were actually earning $40,000 + per month, that means that you are in the top 3% according to their stats.

    Way to go. Seems surprising.
  17. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    Now, I don't know Tony, but I have seen his advertising on the internet. So it is possible that he is at that level...Someone has to be there!

    What I do know for certain is that the people at that level did not get there by accident. They worked hard and they provided value to their members. That is how you succeed in all business!

    I own an in-home fitness company offline and the only way that we stay in business is by providing value to customers. The same holds true on the internet. You must provide value or your potential customers will go elsewhere.

    Run this as you would any other business and you can succeed. Don't get me wrong, the failure rate is high, as with all business start ups. But the reward is great. High Risk = High Reward

    So people can stay working in their BS jobs that they hate, or they can give this a run and make it work. It won't come easy, but when it does, its great!

    If you put your mind to it and follow the systems that you are shown, it can be done! Tony has stated that's all he's done.

    There will always be skeptics, its when you let go and truly believe you succeed! Others can sense it and are willing to let you lead them.

    Good Luck to all!
  18. clendon

    clendon New Member

    A program very similar to Liberty League is Emerald Passport. It operates in a 2Up compensation plan and at present has three levels. Ther are a lot of people making a lot of money, but like Liberty League it involves hard core selling. Both of these programs have been around awhile.

    One difference is there is no pressure to attend conferences.

    The Piedmont Group
  19. theserious1

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    Quoting: malibumentor(I agree about PPC and solo ads... not because these methods don't work, but becauses they stop working when you stop paying for them...

    I agree 100%. It appears when "new" internet marketers attempt to get their business off the ground this is their 1st option because it is cost effecient. Honestly, I have fallen victim to that as well. We live and learn. I have lived to fight another day.

    [Link removed. Update your signature - Admin]
  20. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    Quoting: theserious1I agree 100%. It appears when "new" internet marketers attempt to get their business off the ground this is their 1st option because it is cost effecient.

    I don't necessarily agree that its cost efficient. It obviously depends on which keywords you are using. However, it will never be more cost efficient than free methods, which is how I train my people to generate traffic at first. Then with profit from the free sales I have them use PPC (among other methods) because it is time efficient. That way they keep their money in their pocket.

    That is unless they have the budget and are willing to risk more money up front the get off to a fast start.

    Another reason I like teaching free methods is that it makes them a much better sponsor in the long run. That way the have more to offer their potential customers, making them more marketable!

    The key to success is leverage. Leverage your time, money, and other resources and you will get better results!

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