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  1. sairashab

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    Hi, I just got a call from a member of company called liberty league international. She scheduled me for a presentation over phone. She said they will tell us about the products and what ever they do. After the call when I searched for this company on bbb, it said this company has an unsatisfactory record. I tried to search it on, but there was an error on there page. So, should I attend that conference call and learn what they actually do, or should I just don't call them back?
  2. sairashab

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    one more thing .. she said she found my number from a website who helps individuals find business. I went to that website to find a home business
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    Saira, LLI is legit; I've read of people doing well with it.

    I think every company has complaints with BBB, Rip Off and As far as Rip Off and Scam, way more often than not it's people who expected something for nothing and/or didn't read contracts or do their due dilligence before realizing that home based businesses are WORK.

    LLI sells self-improvement/motivational products. There is a man named Tony Rush who is the most successful LLI person I know of. If you google his name, it may help.

    Definately take your time, research, and ask her a lot of questions so you knkow what you will need to do to be successful. Go on the conference call more than once if you have to so it sinks in. LLI websites are pretty full of info. also.

    Good luck.
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    The important thing to realize is that it is a real business and it
    entails taking financial risks to make PROFITS.

    Its the big money that attract people to big-ticket programs...
    and scares them too - and some people get in the business
    expecting the big bucks to come real easy and become real
    disillusioned when they struggle... that's the main reason
    for compaints about LLI and other similar programs.

    Success requires some development of skills and resources
    in marketing.

    A lot of folks plug into systems and expect the cash to roll
    in but find they have more money going out than coming in.

    This struggle can be alleviated by TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, reading and THINKING about strategy
    for the growth of one's business.

    A lot of the people who have struggled to make it in the
    industry made the mistake of being reluctant to THINK for

    LLI has a good system. If you sign up you will be responsible
    for your own overhead costs and the cost of generating leads
    and paying for advertising... Just be aware that such expenses
    are a significant factor for most people starting out.
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    Liberty League International is a real company and I know some that have done very well with it.

    I don't like the fact that you have to pass up qualifying sales before you can earn money. The program itself costs enough so why should you have to give up your 1st sales. Plus once you qualify, you break away from your sponsor. To me, this means your sponsor doesn't have as much motivation to help train you because once qualified, you are now there competition.

    I chose PWF because you don't have to pass up any sales, get paid instantly and you earn overrides on everyone you personally enroll. It creates team synergy because as you earn, so does your sponsor! To me it made much more business sense.

  6. malibumentor

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    Of course, Liberty League has more than a compensation plan in its favor. Original physical product, conferences, and an established record of credibility.

    It seems to me that most PWF promoters have fallen into using scare tactics: ie. telling people "Be afraid of other opportunities, you won't make any money with those companies."

    Not saying you are doing that, friend, because I haven't read your sales copy.

    I have seen it quite a lot with PWF, however. Reminds me of Politicians campaigning negatively.
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