Life is a fast moving stream, are you paddling up or down stream?

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    If you have been working towards understanding the Law of Attraction but you still do not get all that you desire out of life then this information may be your key to finally understanding. This information is a tool to help understand the most important part of the attraction process the art of allowing.

    Life is a stream and you decide to put your boat in to the stream of consciousness where ever you are in your life in any given moment. Since we live in an attraction based universe, (meaning that what ever you think about, wanted or not you get it) we add to the strength and speed of our stream based on how we feel. t doesn't matter if you believe it or not, there is only a stream of well being that flows unconditionally into your lives.We can choose to either go with the flow or paddle against the current we have created with our asking.

    We are so used to observing what is as our "reality", understanding that we ultimately control our own outcomes may seem a bit over whelming. So let look at it this way. We are all vibration, just like radio waves or TV signals. As humans we have chosen to be observers, we knew before we came into this physical body there would be diversity in our life experience. This Diversity would help us make decisions as to what we want, creating the asking that moves our stream.

    Since everything that exists in this universe is vibration, let's look at our life as our own personal stream of well being. Our feelings are what control which way we are faced in our stream. When we feel bad we are paddling against the current, pushing up stream is a struggle. You have spent most of your life paddling up stream. Some even say this is how we accomplish anything we get. The harder we push ourselves, people and things the more we will have to enjoy later. Let it be known struggle is optional, you do not have to struggle to get what you want in life. You just have to ask for it, believe that you can have it and allow the events and circumstances to carry you down stream to what you desire. When we let go of the oars and allow the stream to carry us we feel a sense of relief and the better we feel the faster our stream goes. The faster our stream goes, if we are facing down stream, the faster we manifest our desires.

    Why do we want to go down stream? Every time we decide we want something it is put in vibrational escrow and is waiting for us just down stream. If there is something that you have been wanting for a long time and you have not yet received it, it is because you are paddling against the stream. Keeping yourself from your own desire is how you create dis-ease in your body, how you create constant discomfort and disallowing. This is how you create depression, constant anger and failure.

    Look at children, for the most part children believe in magic, miracles and well that any thing can happen if you believe it. Although they do not understand consciously that if they could hold that feeling, that belief, their whole lives that they would have the secret us adults have been looking for all our lives.

    To understand whether you are paddling up or down stream all you have to do is see how you feel. Your guidance system is your indication what it is you are attracting into your life.

    My inspiration for sharing this information is from the teaching of Abraham. Although they are not the only teachers of the Law of attraction they are the most clear and easy to understand. If you have found this information, it is because you are ready to receive this information. All I ask is that you keep with in your down stream flow and add positive influence to this topic.

    Your Guidance System, where are you on the feeling scale

    This list of emotions was taken from the book "The amazing power of deliberate intent" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This is by far the best emotional scale I have ever seen.

    I have put this scale in to help you to figure out where you are putting your boat in the stream and what feeling will give you a sense of relief. To allow your self to travel more easily down stream all you have to do is reach for the next feeling of relief.

    1.Joy, love, freedom, appreciation, empowerment, knowledge
    3.Enthusiasm, eagerness, general happiness
    4.Positive expectation, belief
    10.Frustration, irritation, impatience
    19.Hatred, Rage
    21.Insecurity, guilt, unworthiness
    22.Fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness

    How do I know if I am pointed up stream or down?

    There is only a stream of well being you can either choose to fight your natural way by pushing against what you do not want or focusing on the lack of what it is you do want, or you can choose to find a feeling of relief for any given situation. This stream of well being carries health, wealth, happiness, true love, peace and anything else you could ever desire or imagine.

    We live in an attraction based universe meaning you can not push against things that you do not want in order to bring the things you do want closer to you. This is like putting two magnets together that are of the same polarity, it will feel like there is a ball between them and no mater how hard you try you will not get them together. This universe is not a repellent based universe, if it where then you would have to fight against all things unwanted in order to receive any thing you did want.

    Thank goodness we live in an attraction based universe, where if you see something that you do want you can easily attract it to you. The best way to attract things to you is to find a vibrational match to that which you do want. To figure out if you are attracting or repelling your object of desire all you have to do is look at your guidance system, your feelings. If you are feeling bad then you are pushing up stream, if you feel good then you are headed towards what you desire.

    How do I get from where I am to where I want to be?

    This is where your guidance system really comes into play. If you look at the scale of emotions you will then know where you have put your boat in the stream. If you are feeling worse or there is no improvement in your feelings then you know you are paddling against the current.

    If you put your boat in the stream and you are in the middle of a nasty break up or divorce, then you would more then likely feel the feelings of grief, despair or depression. It would be impossible for you to turn your boat around and be instantly happy. That would defy the Law of Attraction. Besides being imposable it would also be paddling upstream. You would need to reach for a feeling of relief in order to let go of the ors.

    That feeling of relief would allow the Law of Attraction to bring you more thoughts that match the feelings of relief. But you cannot stay in that feeling for ever because soon it will no longer be down stream and would no longer feel like relief. You need to constantly reach for that better feeling or that feeling of relief. As you reach for that feeling, Law of Attraction will bring you more and more to feel good about. If you choose to stay in that feeling of despair and depression, Law of attraction will continue to bring you things to feel despair or depressed about.

    You would go from a feeling of depression to, revenge to, anger to, worry to, frustration to, pessimism to, hopefulness. You see what happens is we can not jump from a feeling low on the emotional scale to a feeling much higher on the scale. So always reaching for relief will natural take you to the feeling that you are looking to achieve. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier and easier to figure out where you are and where you are headed.

    Every thing that you have ever asked for consciously or consciously is waiting for you down stream. All you have to do is allow yourself to be carried down stream.

    Your stream gets up momentum the longer you exist. Whether you are aware of it or not your thoughts ultimately lead you to everything that you get. Controlling your thoughts is not an easy task. So instead of trying to control your thoughts learn to understand your feelings. This will tell you more accurately if what you are thinking about is up stream or down stream, taking you towards what you want or away from your desire.

    Thoughts are vibrations and things are vibrations, in fact all that exists in this universe is vibration. In order to easily attract your desires you must become a vibrational match. To become a vibrational match all you have to do is find the best feeling you can and work your way up the emotional guidance system, allowing you to move easily down stream.

    Your work here on this plant is to enjoy the contrast that is life, for this will help you to decide what you want. Once you have decided what you want all you have to do is remember that there is only a stream, a stream of well being, that if you allow it, it will gently guide you to all that you desire.
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