Lifemax and Mila Reviews Required for Newbie

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by petrafel, Apr 10, 2009.

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    I just joined Lifemax as a distributor for Mila. Has anyone dealt with this company and have any thoughts about it? Mila is a raw whole food, a seed growned into powder. It is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Lifemax is a network marketing company like an MLM. Anyone have any insight?

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    I am a Lifemax distributor ( It's a great company. The people involved are very supportive. Mila is fantastic! I have heard so many success stories from Mila consumers. I, myself, have lost 10lbs since beginning using it. My bum knee feels better. I sleep better and get up earlier. Plus, I have more energy. I began running 3 miles a day. I haven't done that in like 15 years! The best thin about Lifemax is that the Mila pretty much sells itself. Everyone who tries it is impressed. You made a good choice.[​IMG]
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    Love it and eat it daily. Was turned on to it last year as an athlete & now am a distributor! Still a great early opportunity!
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    Yes, I wrote a business opportunity review on Lifemax on Ezine and a few other places. It seems like a great opportunity, wish you all the best of luck with it!

    Google "Lifemax Opportunity Business Review" or type that into if you are interested.

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