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  1. Tigg

    Tigg New Member

    Hi there,
    I am new to this post and have been standing in the corner watching for a while.
    Has anyone got anything to say about LifePath Unlimited?

    Its a personal development home business opportunity that has sprung up as a competitor to LLI (Liberty League International)

    I am evalutating both opportunities and I have to say that while LLI has the advantage of being around for a while, the products and compenstation look far better at LifePath. Any comments?

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  2. emarketpro

    emarketpro New Member

    I am new to this forum too!

    FYI ... I have been working from home online full-time
    for the past 8 years and am very familiar with a lot of
    online business opportunities. I have actually participated
    in a lot of them.

    I reviewed LLI a few years ago and decided against it
    because it was a 2up. Experience has shown me that
    very few people see success with a 2up because one
    has to give up their first 2 sales.

    Who wants to spend money on advertising and
    then have to give up their commissions on 2 sales?

    The industry norm is that most people can only
    recruit 2.5 members anyway so most will not see
    success with this type of pay plan.

    I have had the most success with direct sales type
    programs that offer some type of compensation on
    each and every sale.

    Back in April, I was introduced to LifePath Unlimited.

    I took a lot of time doing my due diligence which
    included online research and actually interviewing
    the owners as well as current members.

    It turned out that LifePath Unlimited was a match for
    everything I was looking for ... so I joined at the Destiny
    Level and started marketing in May.

    Actually, their compensation plan with the Residual
    Income component was the number one reason I joined.

    Like I said... I have been online a long time and have
    made as much as $60K a month with one program,
    however none of the previous businesses I was
    involved with had any significant residual income.

    After I joined and started reviewing their Discovery
    course, I was blown away by the quality of the product.

    I've been a student of personal development for a long
    time and even participated in John Assaraf's (teacher
    in The Secret) business coaching program.

    The Discovery product produced by LifePath Unlimited
    was simply amazing and is unique to this industry.

    For the first time I felt 100% confident the product
    I was marketing had the potential to add value and
    enhance peoples' lives in a positive way.

    I just got back from Cancun last week where I
    attended the "Breakthrough" event with LifePath Unlimited.

    Words cannot express the total value of this
    incredible Seminar .... so I won't even attempt to
    do that in this post because it would be way too long.

    It was truly "Life-Changing".

    So if you are looking for a home based business that has:

    a 7 figure income potential,
    a very lucrative Residual Income component,
    Real products that add value and enhance peoples' lives
    Powerful daily trainings with Industry leaders
    A start of the art marketing and management system ...

    ... not to mention one of the most loving and caring
    communities of like minded people ...

    Then I encourage you to continue getting all the
    info you need to make your decision to join LifePath

    I love my LifePath Business!!!

    Oh... forgot to mention ... LifePath Unlimited
    is also a member of The Better Business Bureau.
    (Not many online companies have this affiliation.)
  3. Tigg

    Tigg New Member

    Thanks, EMarketpro,
    for taking the time to give me such an in depth reply. I really appreciate that.

    "For the first time I felt 100% confident the product
    I was marketing had the potential to add value and
    enhance peoples' lives in a positive way."

    Thats exactly what I think is important too.! I need a product that I can be sure will add value to someones life.

    However, how come Lifepaths websites are in such a disarray. The main site is promoting an old version of the product from what I can tell. This is mainly what is concerning me with Lifepath. I wonder at their professionalism if this is the case.

    Lifepath is not affiliated with the BBB they just came up as satisfactory on their 36 month report :

    BBB Accreditation: This organization is not a BBB Accredited business.
  4. emarketpro

    emarketpro New Member

    Hi Tigg,

    You'll be pleased the know that LifePath has
    been working on totally redoing their websites and
    should be revealing their new site soon.

    I personally met and spent some quality time with
    all 3 of the Co-Founders during my recent visit
    to Cancun and I can assure you they are all
    not only top notch professionals who also value each and
    every distributor in their organization, but also men
    of great integrity.

    As for the Better Business Bureau.... they announced
    last month that they had just completed their membership
    so not sure why they are not showing as accredited
    members yet.

    They will have the BBB seal of approval on the new site ![​IMG]
  5. Tigg

    Tigg New Member

    Great! Thank you Emarketpro. That gives me more confidence.

    I have been trying to find any members local to my area, Gold Coast or Brisbane Australia but that has proved difficult too. A guy named Dan replying to an e-mail I sent from the LifePath site saying that they have members here but didn't give me someone to contact. I don't suppose you can help with that as well?

    Have a great weekend. And thanks again for replying to my post.[​IMG]
  6. emarketpro

    emarketpro New Member

    I live in the US and have already sponsored members in the UK
    and Canada, but do not have any members in Australia yet.

    LifePath currently has members in 13 different countries.

    I know we have members in Australia because I help with
    some of their training calls and often hear members introduce
    themselves on the call as being from Australia.

    Dan works in the LifePath home office and I don't think
    he is allowed to give out any member's personal contact
    information so you may have to continue your search online.
  7. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    As with any business, the bottom line is this. Do those products have value? Would people buy those products if the oppty wasnt attached to them? Do the companies who offer these guarantees actually fulfill them. Is there just too much competition in the market place?

    I believe the personal development genre is way saturated in the marketplace. Many of these companies have popped up seeing how good Liberty League has done the past 7 years and the fact they are still around. To excel at companies like this you need to be a master marketer and prospector. If your not good on the phone you stand little chance. To be an ace you must always hone your lead generation, prospecting, and closing skills. Thankfully in my five years working from home I have mastered those. Good Luck

  8. Tigg

    Tigg New Member

    Thanks guys. All good advice. [​IMG]
  9. emarketpro

    emarketpro New Member


    I've worked from home online full-time very successfully for the
    past 8 years and have seen the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of
    many different online companies.

    Any business that is successful will take work. But if you have
    a passion for what you do then your "work" feels like play.

    Anthony Robbins is the king of personal development and his
    seminars continue to sell out. And I think you would have a
    hard time convincing Rhonda Byrne (creator of The Secret)
    that no one is interested in creating a better life.

    There is currently a void for good quality personal development
    products. In fact, the personal development industry is
    experiencing a growth rate of 20% annually.

    Last year alone I spent $300 a month ($3,600 total) to participate
    in John Assaraf's personal development/business coaching
    program. I received a tremendous amount of value from him and it was money well spent.

    Yet I still continue to spend money on personal development
    because I want to continue to grow.... both in my business and
    personal life.

    Have you ever "walked on fire"?

    It was the most exhilarating experience of my life!

    Firewalking is a total mind, body, and spirit activity that
    has been going on for over 4,000 years.

    The fact that I had the opportunity to walk across 1200
    degree hot coals with my 21 year old daughter at my side
    was a moment I will remember the rest of my life.

    Like the credit card commercial ...

    A lucrative home business .... $1695
    A moment with my daughter that will last forever .... Priceless!!!
  10. TinaFields

    TinaFields New Member

    Hello There,

    Just do your research and find a company and a product that you can feel good about.

    After starting my business with LifePath in July 2008 I am so proud to be a part of this community. You will find a group of highly ethical like minded people who will be very helpful in getting your business off to a great start.

    I would be happy to answer any questions that you have. After being in this industry for 3 years I finally found a way to have the success that I was looking for.

    It's not for everyone. There is no hype and no sales pressure. We won't lie to you and tell you that you don't have to work. There is work involved but it is an amazing business that I owe a lot of my success to. Hope that helps.
  11. SandraE

    SandraE New Member

    Not sure if you are still evaluating the Lifepath Unlimited business opportunity, but I know there is a big team in Australia now, if that is of any help.

    Having spent some time checking out various opportunities on the internet, I joined LifePath at the end of last year, and I am really impressed by the quality of the products, and the community of people that it attracts.

    Hope that helps!
  12. Dean Perrone

    Dean Perrone New Member

    I as well am a rep with LifePath Unlimited, I will honestly say I am proud to stand behind the company, products and community. It is pretty straight forward, I don't believe there to be the typical smoke and mirrors you see a lot of times.

    I came from a similar company in the direct sales industry (I am sure most can guess) and we are very happy we made the switch.
    My wife and I couldn't be happier and we are glad we have found our home with this business and company.

    We have had great results since we have been here and are helping all of our team get results now as well. It's not for everyone. And it does definitely require work and most importantly commitment and consistency day by day to have great results.

    If anyone has questions, I would definitely answer any questions you may have about the opportunity and the differences between the company I came from to LPU and why we switched, etc.

    Hope that helps...
  13. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    emarketpro: I reviewed LLI a few years ago and decided against it
    because it was a 2up. Experience has shown me that
    very few people see success with a 2up because one
    has to give up their first 2 sales
    Exactly right on the cons of the 2up comp plan.

    And also if you have someone who does pass-up two sales to you, that person now becomes your competition because you stop earning off the efforts of that person.

  14. Lifeturningpoin

    Lifeturningpoin New Member

    Hi Tigg

    I too was very skeptical about joining LPU when my husband found the opportunity. I am a Naturopath/ Remedial Therapist (15+ years) and my experience encourages caution when it comes to personal development products that deliver, post course.

    After we signed up my husband started the program and I initally peaked in every so often, still not convienced and then OMG it really started to come into its own and I was impressed. Which means I am now behind the project.

    Like all personal development programs it is essential to have great support in counselling after the course is completed. Yes there is money to be made, but the question is are you prepared to grow and keep growing as a person?... or do you want money??

    If you want both - go for it

    Hope that was helpful
  15. Rex McGuinness

    Rex McGuinness New Member

    Hi Tigg, I'm in Australia (NSW) & for what it's worth here's my experience with LifePath.
    ###Please don't bombard me with hate mail, this was just MY experience as honestly as I can tell it.
    - Was promised unlimited personal training & support by sponsor.
    - I got excited, borrowed $18,000AUD & joined.
    - Sponsor too busy to help (although I did get great help from another in upline).
    - They knew very little about marketing. Just recommended adwords.
    - I used adwords & wasted $3,000AUD.
    - I used their web templates, updating to the latest one when told, & wasted a further $500AUD.
    - Found the Breakthrough course very cheesy. People with the most annoying voices on the planet trying to sound so sophisticated. No earthshattering content. Just lots of "experts" with breathless enthusiasm for visualisation. Way too much hype for me. (Australians will know what I mean when I talk about over the top hype).
    - I know that at least 1 person in my upline was making over $100,000AUD per month, & he was helpfull. I lost a sale to him, because I told a prospect about him, & he just went & signed with him!
    - All in all, you will make money if 1) you learn how to market properly from an independant source 2) you are VERY good on the phone 3) you have lots of time to support your downline 4) you can put up with all the cheesy, breathless hype the course is full of.
    - I wasted $21,500AUD which I now must pay back. I signed nobody.
    If you want to talk further, I'm happy to. (No, I don't have an alternative "offer" for you. I'd just like to help a fellow Aussie, no strings attached!)
    Good luck, Rex.
  16. alchemist

    alchemist New Member

    Hi Rex,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have also lost/wasted lot of money trying to sell other people's products using adwords. Luckily I did not loose too much. I just heard about LPU as I am interested in work from home opportunities and am repaired to work hard. Im glad I read your post THANK YOU you probably saved me lots of money. I really hope one day I can find what I am looking for!
  17. caswope

    caswope New Member

    Hi Alchemist-

    I too also recently left Lifepath. I have nothing negative to say about the company at all, or my experience there. The reason I left was that I was introduced to a different direct sales company that to me is a much more practical sale as a business concept. I love personal development, but unless your prospect is already aware of the industry or already a student of personal development, LPU can be a tough sale. So the main reason I switched was to rep a product that would be more appealing to the masses, and it deals with solving the lack of financial intelligence going on in today's society. If you'd like to talk via phone, I'd be glad to connect with you and see if I can be of some assistance. - Chris
  18. Newy010

    Newy010 New Member

    Rex McGuinness
    Hi Rex,first I have to say that you cant blame anyone else if you failed in any business at all.You and You alone are responsible for your success.Did you know that small business ownership has a 90% failure rate?When I got started no one taught me.I just got on the internet and signed up with training programs to learn as much as i could.I had no internet or marketing experience whatsoever.Lifepath Unlimited like many companies are based upon your efforts to succeed like all online businesses.If we continue to blame other people for our failures we will never get anywhere in life.For your information Lifepath now has a complete training program called Mirror Image marketing that will teach you how to advertise online or offline and over 300 training videos by some of the worlds top trainers.Now anyone regardless of experience or budget has no excuse to make money with the company.I can promise you as a leader in the company Lifepath has gone all out and spent up bigtime to make sure everyone who joins has an even chance.Its all up to your desire to succeeed.David Nieuwenhoven
  19. Newy010

    Newy010 New Member

    Hi I just saw your comment about Lifepath and adwords.FYI I dont use google at all.Its a waste of money and you will go broke using it.There are literally thousands of ways to advertise,online,offline and there are tens of thousands of people in Australia alone that are simply looking for a way to make more money and have a better lifestyle.Lifepath has members who have a growing and profitable business that have not spent a dollar on advertising! We actually encourage attraction marketing which is much more successful.Get in touch with me and I will be happy to show you how.David Nieuwenhoven
  20. Hroylo786

    Hroylo786 New Member

    CAVEAT EMPTOR They're created an unmatched compensation plan and associate support system, along with very effective and carefully scripted prospecting calls. However, READ THE POLICY IN DETAIL. There are bugs and glitches that could keep you from your rightful refund. AND, IT IS NOT A 56 DAY GUARANTEE. IT IS A 3 DAY GUARANTEE AFTER COMPLETION OF THE 56 DAY PROGRAM, UP TO A TOTAL OF 71 DAYS ALLOWED FROM STARTING DATE (MONDAYS ONLY), AND, YOU MUST COMMENCE STUDIES NO LATER THAN 9 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE (ALLOW UP TO 3 DAYS FOR DELIVERY). Also, do your homework! You will be selling a product that they claim is superior in the market. But do the market studies and use what information you find, i.e. price, quality, availability comparisons etc. It's your money, and possibly your customer's too. There's more to it but as of this date 5/3/2010 I won't give out those details until my mediation or litigation is complete. Beyond that goodluck![​IMG]

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