Lifepharm Global network, legit?

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  1. itzjoe85

    itzjoe85 New Member

    Anyone heard of the product Laminine, does it work? Anyone heard of Lifepharmglobal? Are they legit. Joined a week ago, new to this mlm business. Hopefully you wise gurus out there can put in your 2cents. Thank you.

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  2. totojerry

    totojerry Member


    Most users of Laminine do report positive results that include but are not limited to: Restful Sleep, Refreshed, Renewed Sense of Energy, Ability to Focus and Reduction of Stress in Daily Living.

    But notice that it may not have the same result for you. Just try.


    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Itzjoe85, there's a saying in the industry that puts you in a position of confidence when you speak with prospects. It goes like this, "become a product of the product". People can doubt your opinions, be skeptical about others's statements and even be mean to you about what you read to them about the product but they can not doubt your experiences with it. Personal testimonies are crucial. You can be detailed about it and it helps you answer questions, even tough ones. Hope this helps.
  4. Skeptical

    Skeptical New Member

    I am interested in viewing UNBIASED reviews of Laminine....I've been researching this product, and I've seen a whole lot of positive reviews on the product....but it seems they are all written by sellers of the product. Even the doctor's speeches on the product are from doctors who are endorsing the product!
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The company has been strong and established themselves overseas in India. They are now looking to prosper here in the USA. Product looks to be fine, as with any product in the health and wellness category but of course you have to give it try if you don't believe what you see and hear.

    How the comp plan works out for people will have to be judge by time.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Skeptical: Even the doctor's speeches on the product are from doctors who are endorsing the product!
    The only time i ever consider a speech from a doctor is when they can explain in brief or detail about how something works and why. Other than that an Unbiased review comes from someone who has nothing to gain financially from a testimony, like a customer or user, hence the term, "a product of the product". This is usually or should be done before becoming involved in the business side.
  7. stevenhjohnson

    stevenhjohnson New Member

    The Product is as good as you can ever thing it can be. The product
    is as good as most people are saying. There is a margin of people that the product does not work for. If some one can not eat egg due to allergies they can not use the product or at least needs to be careful because of the food product .There is a site that give great info on the Laminine product only not a join or buy site at whyiwant The company offers a 30 day trail for product with a full refund. Pick a rep an go for it! I,ll be happy to email anyone a list of conference calls. You can find me on FB.
  8. mlmbuilder

    mlmbuilder New Member

    I have been using Laminine and so has my daughter. We both have experienced a more restful sleep. When I don't take it, I find that the stress builds up very quickly within my body. I signed up as a rep and after I have been using the product for a few months, then I will begin to promote it.
  9. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    mlmbuilder: I have been using Laminine and so has my daughter. We both have experienced a more restful sleep.
    Never heard of them but I see some positive reviews here. I am sure that there are many more online.

    You can also find other reviews, good or bad, on Google. Do a search for them and see.
  10. leonard

    leonard New Member

    It's obviously a classic MLM scam. I tried the product without signing up because I know better than to get involved in any MLM scheme. This product does absolutely nothing. I took it for over two months with no results at all good or bad. The only people posting good reviews have been scammed into promoting it. Of course they're going to say whatever they think will sell it. Note that on the bottle there is no real information about what's in it. It just says 'proprietary blend.' That should raise a red flag if nothing else does. Try it if you want to but don't get involved with the MLM. You will only lose money and credibility.
  11. write on

    write on New Member

    haven't joined yet but I'm researching. I know you don't have to pay a membership fee, but I wonder how much you have to order every month to stay "active"? As far as trying it goes, they claim there's a money-back guaranteee so if it doesn't work, you should get your money back, therefore I don't see myself losing anything. If it works then I have no problem talking about it to others.

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