Linda Cox at Samsung? Legit

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by WFHwannabe, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. WFHwannabe

    WFHwannabe New Member

    New to WFH concept thanks to the economy [​IMG] and need your help on this "opportunity". Responded to a post on Craigslist from a Linda Cox at Samsungmobile for data entry people @ $25/hr.

    When I put in her name and Samsung - WFH forum came up showing Linda Cox name. Now I can't find the info. So help - is this ligit? or another scam.
  2. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi WFHwannabe,

    I doubt that anyone would pay $25/hour for data entry. I wouldn't bother trying to pursue that one.

    Trust your gut.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  3. sgkul25

    sgkul25 New Member

    Newbie shield is right. Lately a lot of scammers have been using big company names to get people to respond to them.
  4. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Wow, so much money for data entry job.
    I doubt it is a real job. It may be another scam.
  5. BalanceMEBooks

    BalanceMEBooks New Member

    This is a complete scam! Here is my conversation with her!!

    Linda Cox: How you doing
    balancemebooks: good, and you?
    Linda Cox: Great
    Linda Cox: I saw your Assignment
    balancemebooks: and?
    Linda Cox: Its was okay
    balancemebooks: just ok
    balancemebooks: ??
    Linda Cox: So how are you preparing for the easther
    balancemebooks: I'm planning to go to my mom's after church
    Linda Cox: okay
    balancemebooks: and you?
    Linda Cox: You will be receiving a payment from the comany
    Linda Cox: company
    Linda Cox: A date with a friend
    balancemebooks: a payment?
    Linda Cox: As soon as you receive the payment you are to deduct 200 dollars from it and then send the balance to the shipper who will be responsible for the shipping of our supplies
    balancemebooks: I don't get it
    balancemebooks: that has nothing to do with data entry
    Linda Cox: the 200 dollars that you will deduct is your petty cash for the upkeep of your mini office
    Linda Cox: Its just an assignment
    Linda Cox: we need to know if we can trust you with company fund
    Linda Cox: Its called a Test of Trust
    balancemebooks: well, it's not an assignment I'm comfortable with because my bank has warned us against these types of transactions
    Linda Cox: I understand you
    Linda Cox: But i can assure you that you are secured
    balancemebooks: how can you assure that?
    Linda Cox: Thats why we are connecting all our employees to our secured net work
    Linda Cox: to make sure you are all secured
    Linda Cox: We are aware of the High Rate of internet fraud
    Linda Cox: there is an option
    Linda Cox: okay
    balancemebooks: what's that?
    Linda Cox: can you purchase the package with your money
    Linda Cox: its 800 dollars
    balancemebooks: are you directly affiliated with Samsung Electronics?
    Linda Cox: if you can do that then no problem
    Linda Cox: the 800 dollars will be included with your first week salary
    balancemebooks: I can't do that
    Linda Cox: good
    Linda Cox: so what do you think
    balancemebooks: good?
    balancemebooks: you didn't answer my question
    balancemebooks: are you directly affiliated with Samsung Electronics?
    Linda Cox: of course we are
    balancemebooks: the large corporation??
    Linda Cox: yes
    balancemebooks: why do they not know you then?
    Linda Cox: they do
    Linda Cox: did you try contacting them
    balancemebooks: really?.......the personnel manager Linda Cox?
    balancemebooks: of course I contacted them......I'm not an idiot......I gave you references to check me out, and I checked you out as well!
    balancemebooks: I'm a business woman.....not a desperate money hog! lol
    Linda Cox: Yes i am
    Linda Cox: i understood you okay
    Linda Cox: All you need do now is accept the payment
    Linda Cox: the packages is worth 1800 dollars including shipping
    balancemebooks: the only money I will accept would be a paycheck
    Linda Cox: okay
    balancemebooks: I won't do the large check and send money here or there.....that's not legitimate
    Linda Cox: it dependd okay
    balancemebooks: my references will inform you as to my authenticity and trustworthiness
    Linda Cox: i understand and we have to give you a trial
    balancemebooks: but that's not a trial......
    Linda Cox: it is
    Linda Cox: i also did it
    Linda Cox: okay
    Linda Cox: maybe you have to think about it
    balancemebooks: let me find out from Samsung if this is legit and then I will let you know
    Linda Cox: okay
    Linda Cox is typing a message.
    Linda Cox: bye foe now
    balancemebooks: I feel that this isn't authentic
    Linda Cox has signed out. (4/10/2009 9:52 AM)

    DO NOT believe anything from Samsung! I talked to them yesterday and was told that they don't advertise positions on Craigslist! They only advertise on their website, and through temp agencies!!!

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