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    It was in the time of the wild-wild west,when all the cowboys would first go to the bar to have a couple of whiskey shots,and then go about their normal duties.
    One cowboy got to the bar,strapped his horse and went inside.When he came out his horse was completely gone.
    He became so LIVID;went back inside the bar;took out both his guns,and started shooting at eveything.
    The barman and all the other cowboys took cover for their lives.
    And the shooting cowboy said:"Okay gentleman,I'm only going to have 2 shots of whiskey,maybe 3.When I'm done, I'm gonna go outside,and want to see my horse strapped outside as I left it.Otherwise I'm gonna have to do what I did in California,and I don't wanna do what I did in California."
    So he had his two shots and went outside.When he got outside he found his horse strapped,just as he left it.He got onto his,and just as he was about to ride off, the barman came running out and said:"Sir before you go ,I just wanna thank you for not doing what you did in California.But tell me Sir ,what did you do in California?"
    And the cowboy said:"No I walked home!
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    Good joke.
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    har har

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