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    I did just have a look at this site and it is just one out of 10,000s... they always promise to show you the secret of making.

    So he say its a Video Course, but what actually are you going to learn? How to walk into a store and tell the owner how you can promote his website or do you learn how to promote website in general? He doesnt even mention how long the video training is. Maybe its just 4 clips each 3 mins? Who knows?

    In my oppinion you don't need to pay to get some information about promoting. If you are a starter at this business. Cool down. Start small and dont join a programm instead join a team which will help u to get started. If you join the right persons, they will give you all the information u need to be successfull, because if you are successfull then they are successfull. And you can learn much more from an individual person than from a video.

    In my eyes it would be better to save the $50 here and spend them one 2 - 3 cheap systems. The experience you will get from doing it will be much more worth than watching some videos.
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    Thank You, EveningStar
    But I already purchased it. Well worth the money.

    The course does actually teach you how to approach a business and offer them some online services, not only a website building. Also some of the videos go in depth about SEO and how to make your clien't site rank on the first page of search engines - and the tools used for this make it so easy!

    I got my first contract, but I was stupid and only charged the client $500... next time I'll charge $1,000 or more [​IMG]

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