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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by chrisanthony55, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. chrisanthony55

    chrisanthony55 New Member

    Hello I am new to this and I was takes to get my companies website up in the SE list. Can anyone out there help me, I would like to know what would be the best first steps in getting this site up in the SE's, I would be grateful for any help anyone might offer..
  2. samda

    samda Member

    Firstly understand that to get into the SE list you need to do a lot of things in a consistent manner. It may take from 1 - 6 months depending upon the nitche you are in.

    This is for organic search results.

    But your topic title is intenet marketing - local. So I doubt you may be taking about online advertising.

    If this is the case Google Adwords is the best one. You can make your website ad running in minutes. All you need is a credit card. Again to bring your site only for your country there are tools in adwords like demographic filters. You could filer upto city levels.

    You could make use of Adwords Learning Center. This gives you invaluable information. Kindly let me know whether I have answered you correctly.

  3. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Sam is right.
    There are many things to do here.

    If you like, I can have a look at your site and run a competition search on your topic to see what you are up against.
    I suggest writing articles, or having them written for you, linking to your website..
    This earns back links to your site and additional visitors as well.
    Have a great day!
  4. profitgenie

    profitgenie New Member

    If you are a local business and want to get good SE rankings you need to do some basic SEO for your website.
    Start with your META tags for your title,description and keywords, dont forget to add your local area in for better optimization.

    When selecting keywords it is important to then add them to the content of the page.

    For example if you use the word hot water specialist as a keyword and your webpage has 500 words in the content you would want to try and repeat hot water specialist about 5 times throughout your content.

    Next thing to do is to get some links, this can be done by adding articles to some article directories with links back to your webpage.

    This sounds complicated but it does not need to be. Have a look online and you will find some excellent resources for helping you with some basic SEO.

    ps if you are still having problems send me a pm and i'll be happy to have a look and give you some suggestions
  5. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Backlinks and content on-site are the most important things.
    New Google indexing places less value on meta-tags.

    Read a book about SEO. It's not hard, just tedious sometimes.
  6. mihealthcoach

    mihealthcoach New Member

    I agree that article writing is a great way to increase traffic. Also, seek out other local websites to exchange links with, and list yourself in as many free local business directories that you can find. This helps as well. You want to focus on as much off page SEO as you possibly can make time for. Press releases are great as well.
  7. Seth

    Seth New Member

    If you own the website and have control to the source code make sure that your sites meta tags are set up correctly.

    After that you can submit your site to google , msn or yahoo.

    For faster indexing create at least one article and post it to ezine

    or you can do the following for more backlinks

    -Post Video to multiple sites like you tube etc.
    -Post to forums (using signature)

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