LOL!! Have to laugh or I will cry

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by oregoncountry, May 19, 2009.

  1. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    sorry, can't even write about it.
  2. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    deleted it, sorry. Im just so upset I can't even talk about it.
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Denise, are you okay???
  4. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    Im just so discouraged. I tend to just blurt stuff out. I submitted an article that took me a long time to write and I felt it was going to pay just because I worked hard but sometimes working hard doesn't get you anything either. I am just feeling sorry for myself darlin. I will snap out of it. Everyone is struggling these days and some are so much worse off. I feel bad for feeling bad, LOL!!! I think I'll get "outa self" and go work on that backgound template we talked about[​IMG] hugs, denise
  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    oregoncountry: I think I'll get "outa self" and go work on that backgound template we talked about
    Really, Denise, you probably should write more articles! Serious. Some of my articles are not worth **** but then others are... the only way to work that is to keep writing. As you write more stuff, it gets easier...

    Don't get too hung up on the template, hon. You have been an angel to me and you just can't help yourself from helping others, but the truth is that things like that can sap your strength and take away from what really matters as far as $$ [​IMG]

    Have you looked at the 30 day challengethat some of the others talk about? I have not taken it but have heard really great reports on it and it's free. we like free.[​IMG]
  6. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    [​IMG] Youre a doll. Yes, I need to look at 30 day challenge again, good idea[​IMG] And I will keep writing and submitting. Giving up is not an option[​IMG]

  7. pinkyparrot

    pinkyparrot New Member

    Hi Denise,
    It's been a while since I have talked to you. I actually slept good today and now I have a few hours to play online woooo hoooo!!!
    Don't let it get you down. Maybe if when you get frustrated you could go off and do something else for a few miniutes. I play with my birds for a little while. That usually resets my mind in a way. I have also tried the 30 day challenge but have dropped out of it after only a few days. I knew many of the things that they were talking about. I may have to go back and check them out again as I haven't heard anything bad about them. I'm sure that there is some very usefull information there that could help me out.
    Don't get your hopes up too high and then you won't be as dissapointed, but you gotta keep going.
    Take care of yourself,
    Talk to you soon
  8. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    there is soooooooooooo much out there and that is part of why I am going nuts. I can't seem to just focus on one thing and that is what I need to do. But when I don't make money on that one thing, then I try something more and before I know it I am juggling 10 balls at once[​IMG] Actually, if I were to "have" to pick one thing I enjoy more than anything else I've seen, it would be freelance writing. I don't know I can cut the mustard but I like just sitting down and writing whatever comes up in my brain! I know that can be dangerous in my case, LOL!! Anyway, I am going to study a tutorial they have on it, actually, I've seen 2 but read one already. Since I whined here earlier, I got at upfront payment for my other article I did, 99 cents!!! LOL! So I can't say they are not paying me for what I've written so far, lol!

    ttyl, and so glad you got some rest and have some time to do your online stuff[​IMG]

  9. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Denise,

    Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit down. I haven't been in the forum lately since I was travelling (finally back in the USA). [​IMG]

    I think your assessment is correct. You are jumping from one thing to another too quickly. Maybe you are expecting too much too soon?

    I don't remember if I ever told you, but it took me at least 3-4 months of building my site before I started generating ANY income from it, and then it was just a trickle.

    I knew going into it that I had to commit to it for the long term. I gave myself a year to start turning a genuine profit. Sure, I wanted to make money sooner, but I was trying to keep myself realistic. It seems the IM hype tends to make people believe they are going to make money a lot quicker than can be realistically expected. In turn, folks give up before getting far enough along to make a "break through."

    I'm so glad that I stuck it out and blocked out everything else online until I really had my site firmly built and generating plenty of traffic before starting something else. Now that site needs barely any maintenance, yet it brings me several hundred dollars a month these days. Patience and persistence does pay.

    You have genuine drive and motivation and you're a good writer. I really believe you are just lacking that focus to find one thing and stick with it long enough to make genuine progress. If you can't conquer that little habit [​IMG] you're going to continue to despair, I'm afraid. I hate to see that happen to you. Of course, I hate to see it happen to so many other people, too, but I think we all want to see you, in particular, make progress because you've become an "online friend" to many of us. [​IMG]

    Hang in there, kiddo.
  10. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello Denise,
    Hopefully by now you are feeling better, like yourself again.
    Oh Denise, the errors I have made!
    We all have had those types of days.

    The Thirty Day Challenge is awesome!
    Last year was my first 30DC and I plan to participate this year too.
    I hope to see you there.
  11. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    Thank you Victoria, your humility is very refreshing.

    I am doing ok[​IMG] I finished another article today and am just making sure that it's exactly how I want it before I submit it.

    Someone suggested the 30 day challenge info the other day but I haven't gotten to it yet. Part of my problem is a very, slow internet connection. I work in between "slow times" right now. That's ok too. It's forcing me outdoors where I love to spend time walking for exercise and also, with the animals on the property[​IMG]

    Thank you again and I will see you 'round the forums[​IMG]
  12. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    mountainmom5: Really, Denise, you probably should write more articles!
    I finished another today darlin! I feel you are absolutely right about writing more. I am shooting for one a day right now. We'll see how I do with that[​IMG]
  13. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    If you're talking about affiliate marketing, just remember these three things:

    (1) Website
    (2) Autoresponder
    (3) Domain name

    If you don't have any of these three, you will eventually need it.

    There is a process to making money online that starts from beginning to end. The reason why it's confusing is because we've learned a technique here, a technique there, another technique there, another technique order, no beginning or end. Some experts have sold it that way on purpose.

    You need to understand the process...and you'll need a website.

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