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Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by successful2008, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Hello to all,

    It's been a while since I posted a topic. This topic is a personal one. I had removed myself from this forum because of some heavy personal issues. These issues were not good. I write all about staying focused, yet I had a hard time doing so. Life really handed me a curve ball. Instead of letting that ball fly right by me, I ran right into it. At times like this, one really has to look deep within ones self to really see what is missing. I know that I've reached quite a few people with the motivational speaches that I write, I couldn't reach the one I needed to, that was my son. Did I fail as a mother? This is what I asked over and over again. Sometimes as hard as it is, we as parents have to let go. No matter what we say or do, sometimes it does not matter to the child that you're speaking to. I personally don't want to see people fall flat out with nothing, but at times, one has no choice. I struggled with the choices that my son has made and you know what I found out, it was his own struggles that he has to deal with. When he does that, he will see what I have been saying and the decisions that he makes will be on that. As I sit back and watch him go through what he is going through, I see the change. He'll be fine. So did I fail as a mother? No, I didn't. I gave him what he needed, time & space. So, when I put in the topic title, look forward and not behind, that's for all who seem to think that they can't move forward. You can and will. We learn from our own mistakes and others, but we don't look back. We only move forward to what we want and what we see. With this you'll create your blue print for a better life.

    With Great Respect To All,


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    I have gone through the same thing with my son. It is very difficult - bless you. I have BTDT and it was not fun. On the plus side - things have gotten much better. Keep looking for that light at the end of the tunnel!
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    I applaud your courage to share such a personal and obviously agonizing life experience with us. Your post is a testament to the warm, caring, familial environment that exists here in this forum and the comfort level it engenders.

    In addition to the cathartic benefit to you, your story serves as a reminder that we all face seemingly insurmountable challenges from time to time, that may rock our faith and test our courage. We are humans on a quest for self-improvement and a better understanding of ourselves and those we love.

    It's a path fraught with twists, turns, dips, peaks, detours and deadends. And somehow, when we think we are totally lost, we get a glimpse of a familiar landmark (a truth) that gives us a perspective of where we are and energizes us once more.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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    Hermas, thank you. Sometimes that is all we need to hear.

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    I appreciate that you shared your struggles regarding your son. Life teaches all of us. Even our children are not immune to the lessons of life. What did you learn? What did he learn?

    In issues regarding my daughter, I learned that I did the best I could, she did the best she could. And even though my relationship with my now adult daughter is not what I would like it to be, and I miss my grandchildren, I know that she is loved, and I am loved by God. So, in the end, all is in Divine order.

    Yes, I like to look to, plan for, expect the best for the future. But, I live here and now. After all, the future is only a promise. It is ALWAYS NOW. Plan for the future, but Live fully, be present in every moment.
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    So sad to hear that.

    Hope everything is alright now.

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