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    I love people. I love talking to them, getting to know them, and being around them. But, not everyone does. How do you succeed in a networking business, MLM, or any other industry if you don't naturally enjoy talking to people or you feel uncomfortable talking to strangers, let alone trying to sell to them? It's the million dollar question because answer it and we all become social magnets who attract others to us and to our business . . . think dollar signs!
    Here are some tips I've picked up along the way from my training as a public speaker, debater, and trial lawyer. They should help you appear confident and like a master networker!

    (1) Smile often! You appear comfortable, friendly, conversational and just generally fun to be around when you smile frequently. This simple tip goes a long way to a positive impression.
    (2) Look other people in the eye. Sometimes we have a tendency when we are uncomfortable to look down or away and not make eye contact. Eye contact tells someone we feel confident and are engaged. Make sure you continue eye contact not only while you are speaking but while you are listening too.
    (3) Offer a confident handshake. If you think about it, this is the only acceptable physical contact for men and women in the business world. A good firm handshake (but not over powering) gives a great first impression. This says a lot about your overall personality. In a recent study by CareerBuilder, a good hand shake had a direct correlation to being hired. Make sure to look the person in the eye while shaking their hand.
    (4) Carry yourself with your head up, shoulders back. Posture is a big part of someone's perception of you. Slouching suggests you are not interested or may be introverted and shy. Make sure not to fidget. This is the difference between coming off weak or appearing strong.
    (5) Be a good listener. The best leaders are good listeners. Don't fall into the trap of interrupting, cutting someone off, or doing all the talking. A secret tip I have is to nod while someone is talking. It indicates you are listening, comprehending, and care about what they are saying.

    Pay attention to your body language the next time you are in a social situation, meeting someone new, or slightly uncomfortable. Notice if you follow these tips. If you don't, implement them one by one. Soon you'll be a much more confident networker and people will notice! Your sales, people's opinion of you, and your confidence will dramatically increase. Even if you find it uncomfortable, don't give up! Remember it takes three weeks to make or break a habit. Just think, in three weeks you can be the networker you have always wanted to be! So regardless of whether you are in sales, MLM, have a home based business, or are looking for a business opportunity, put these tips to use and come out like a pro!
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    Good advice.
  3. cthen

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    It definitely all about confidence and how you portray yourself. Thanks for the tips.

  4. diane622

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    Excellent post and advice, Dawn! Thanks, I think we all need these gentle reminders! I am one that absolutely dreads 'mingling' at a party, but I also know when I have used your above pointers it has made for a much smoother, more enjoyable evening!

  5. Jean LA

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    Having great posture and form when you talk to people can really catch their attention and trust. Great advice.
  6. Jim Gillum

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    Have seen MLM for about 40 years, there is a secret.
    It is a numbers game. You go through the numbers.

    Sooner or later you will find the center of influence that will take you to the big numbers.

    Keep trying until you do. Find someone that knows a lot of people and has their trust.

    It should be some one who understands the difference between winning and losing. A coach that is interested in your program would be a grand prize,

    After you get hundreds of "nos" you will find a "yes" keep looking for the "yes" .

    Understand the numbers and do not give up. It takes time.

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