Look Towards The Future Not The Road Behind you.

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by successful2008, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. successful2008

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    To get any where in life you must look to a brighter future not the road that you were on before. Always move forward not backwards. There will always be bumps in the road, that's life. When you approach that road will you stop & take another road, or will you jump over that bump and move forward? It's all up to you. Don't let the road ever stop you from reaching your goals!

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  2. seeyalater72

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    This is something I used to struggle with. I was always looking back and thinking "what if I had done this or did that?". I finally realized that in order to get the things I want in life I had to let go of the past and focus on the future. To have regret is human but the problem is when we let it consume us and use it as a crutch to not move forward.
  3. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    This is so true. Master that & You'll go far. Look to the road ahead and see your future.

    To your massive success,
  4. cherie27

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    Never look back to the past. What has past already past. You can't change anything.

    Learn from the mistakes and move forward is most important.
  5. newpage

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    Great thought and relevant to a new year. Philippians 3:13 also wrote on the subject of letting go of the past. Might be worth your read.

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