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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by getagrip, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. getagrip

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    I'm looking to promote a survey site on my web site, which promotes home based business opportunities. The problem I'm running into, however, is that when I check out ripoffreport.com or BBB.org, I see a lot of consumer complaints about a lot of survey companies, including big names like Survey Scout. Some say they offer guarantees, but then they don't respond to customers requesting refunds. A lot of people just get spam, and are totally mislead by the claims on these websites, which don't deliver what they advertise.

    I'm curious to know of anyone who has recently paid for a survey database and has gotten good customer service where someone has actually responded to them when they have a question, or a paid survey site which has general good results. This would be the kind of site I'd like to promote on my website...but I have yet to find one I'm not leary of.

    I'm also curious to know about any urls to survey sites that pay well or give good prizes...that you don't have to take 3,000 surveys to win....and survey sites that don't sell your information and send you spam. I may even try and create a database and offer a paid or free service of my own, but the big thing is I don't want to refer someone to a scam.
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    Sorry.. the ones I have personally participated in done all the things you have discribed. I stop doing surveys over 8 months ago.
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    There is quite a dialog going on the Paid Surveys thread, but like I've said there, there are a lot of good survey sites out there that don't rip you off.

    The best ones to try to find are from the companies that are creating new products and/or medical supplies. A few of the survey sites that I still do surveys for and that are good are My Survey!, NPDOR, Greenfield and American Consumer Opinion.

    They don't pay huge payouts, but with those, surveyors are constantly being asked to try new products, etc. I have never been mislead by these sites.

    I think the people who feel mislead are the ones who join these sites wanting to make $$$ every day without effort. It just doesn't work that way. Don't let a few bad apples ruin the entire crop.
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    Never pay for survey databases there are many out there that supply you with companies and you dont have to pay. I just joined this forum and posted a new message. I have joined several hundred and I get product tests almost every day now too aside from doing surveys. Here is the link to the site Im using:

    let me know if this helps you out
  6. happygal

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    Yes, there are several surveys with great customer service. Mysurvey, Global Test Market, and Livewire are three that have always gone above and beyond for me.
  7. getagrip

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    Thanks for the info everyone.

    My6cat, if you don't mind, I'd like to know which survey sites from yellowsurveys.com have worked for you. About six mnths ago, I actually signed up with a bunch of survey companies from yellowsurveys.com, and even created my own email address for it (which I highly recommend that you do to avoid getting spam at your primary email address). However, I just didn't see too many opportunities from it, although a few did arise (I signed up for about 50 companies and got paid for 1 or two surveys). I just logged back into that email address...and unfortunately, hotmail erased everything in my inbox since it had been a while since I logged in. I was hoping to just sort through the offers to see which one's paid, but it didn't happen that way, unfortunately.
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    Tried these months ago at a friends request. It has for years been a hobby of mine to invest money in various programs and rip them apart. Believe it or not you can claim these losses on your taxes. Anyway... out of the more than 13 survey programs I tried (4 were free and 2 are listed in the post above this) I did not make one penny. I did everything they asked and continued for awhile until it became so boring and useless that I would almost fall asleep at the computer. In my opinion unless you are working for a mall survey company right out of there office there is no money to be made here.
  10. pcwork

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    I have heard that Pinecone Research pays on time
  11. getagrip

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    At the time I originally made this post (February of 2006), I "kind of" believed in paid surveys, but now I think that most are a complete waste of time.
  12. dougster77

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    Most survey sites either waste your time in qualifying or do not pay out however there are some good survey sites. The survey sites in my sign. link are averaging about $40-50 each per month and they definitley do pay out and promptly. I even won $50 from opinionoutpost this last month since they give you a chance to win an instant $50 when you don't qualify for a survey and I already recieved that money.

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