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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by sparky9, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. sparky9

    sparky9 New Member

    Wondering if anyone could advise me on how to create a downline.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who is reluctant to use "friends and family", as I so often see suggested-there are perhaps one or two who might not mind, but most of the people I know who have trusted me with their email address would not welcome such solicitation, and I would not think of doing this. And spamming strangers is out of the question, no matter how easy it can be to lift addresses from chain letters, petitions and whatnot that come into my email.
    So with those "options" closed, what else does one do?
    Looking for answers here because this is one of the best forums I have come across.
    best wishes to all,
  2. netbiz

    netbiz New Member

    Hey Sparky9, Welcome to the forum. Well the key to creating a downline is to take advantage of your unique opportunities that surround you each and every day. Let me explain, the other day I was at a local university and I heard someone talking about making money on the internet (unique opportunity here!) so I went over and casually talked to him about the subject. As we were talking he asked me if I was making money on the internet, BINGO! I told him all about it and offered to help him get started, even if it wasn't with my company. I just wanted to help. But just remember the key to building a downline is to be personal, helpful, and most importantly a friend!

    Hope this helps and Good Luck!
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Depends on your product. Good marketing involves fulfilling a buyers need
  4. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Sparky9,

    Welcome to the forum.

    You can use free avenues such as creating free sites, using free classifieds, posting in a forum or a blog while putting your MLM in your signature, writing articles, creating a press release, etc.


    ~Newbie Shield~
  5. sparky9

    sparky9 New Member

    Thanks for the input, everyone-I will try these ideas out-I realize from the advice you are offering is that I need to think outside the box and advertise online and offline
    Will also remember the immortal words of our friend pictured above:
    "Do or do not-there is no try"
    Glad I signed on here,
  6. Soc_Coach

    Soc_Coach New Member

    Hello Sparky,

    I suggest that you find a good Auto - Responder, if your not familiar with what that is or how it works, I suggest searching on google for one. Then buy leads, and I mean buy a ton of leads. You will want to keep a steady line of customers constantly coming to your site in order to make sales and to get into your downline. I also suggest setting up a lead capture page for each of these prospects and offering them a free ebook or some other gift for signing up at your capture page.

    Also you MUST call your leads, if you are not a big phone person, then like I said before buy alot of leads and run them through your Auto-reponder 24/7 and before you know it, you will start building a line, and you will also start making sales. I recommend checking out Apacheleads.com, I have found them to be very reliable and their leads are fresh and not oversold.

    If there is anything that I can do to help you, feel free to PM me. Currently I have around 1.4 million leads in my AR and the results are working.


  7. therealshari

    therealshari New Member

    A couple of things that are working for me...

    Blogging: I maintain several tightly focused blogs. They all link together so someone is free to explore what all I offer. The purpose of each blog is different... but my overall goal is to attract people who get to know me. Most people join a downline because they know you, not because of the opportunity.

    Social networking: This includes MySpace, and other places. Again, the goal is to get people to know me. I don't make it a habit to push my business on those I meet. I get to know them. That way I discover if they have a need for my business, and WANT to learn about my business.

    Hope this helps,
  8. juno44444

    juno44444 New Member

    I personally wouldn't focus on getting a downline, but that's me. I'd make a site and get it generating tons of traffic. Then I'd ad an incentive for people to sign up for newsletters etc, which could then be used to promote whatever you want your downline for.

    I also would never promote something useless or over-complicated.

    And I wouldn't go into it with friends and family unless I thought they would really be interested, and then cautiously. It doesn't mix.
  9. xyour925job

    xyour925job New Member

    Hi Sparky

    Advertising on classifieds work just do a search on Google for free places to advertise that always works. If you only want to spend 10 min a day on your business than put up two ads a day. the more you advertise the better and it really does work.
  10. MyOwnBoss

    MyOwnBoss New Member

    You've already gotten a lot of good advice here. One thing I'd like to add is be aware that people are getting accustomed to being bombed with sales pitches from everyone they meet. There's a lot of resistance out there.

    In a person-to-person situation, being your own advertising is the easiest way to "approach people" without stepping on toes. If your product line includes binaka, take a shot of it in public - casually offer a shot to the person next to you. If your product line includes vitamins, let people see you take the vitamins.

    You do this enough, people will ask you about it. When they do, don't start telling them about matrixes and payouts. Tell them how you never realized how bad you felt until you started taking the vitamins, tell them how much of a difference you've noticed in the people react to you from having fresh breath all the time - then let it drop.

    If they're interested, they'll ask where you get it, who makes it, whatever.

    At this point, when I used to do MLM, I would say something like, "Honestly, I do this as a business. I'm not sure I'm comfortable telling you about it - I don't want you getting the feeling I'm trying to sell you something."

    You've now built some mystery and a desire to know more. More than half the time, they will say something like, "Hey, I asked... Besides, it might be something I want to do, too!!"

    The other half of the time they will say, "Well I appreciate that, let's drop it." - and thats ok too [​IMG]
  11. sparky9

    sparky9 New Member

    Thank you all so much-I'm going to apply the valuable advice from this thread. Your generosity is so appreciated -I am glad to be a part of this most x-cellent forum.

    best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2008
  12. Ashley

    Ashley New Member

    I agree that it depends on the business,but I dont go to friends and family.What types of training is offered?Have you thought about leads?Most companies have specific training in this area.Autoresponders work well too as it sends out messages so you dont have to physically send out emails.Best of luck to you Lynn!
  13. aplina

    aplina New Member

    offer newsletter , that will mean having awebsite or give away free e-book
  14. juno44444

    juno44444 New Member

    Oh I use Feedblitze to allow people to sign up to be notified whenever my blog or site is updated. Also you can use Bravenet to allow people to sign up for newsletters etc.
  15. kfree2006

    kfree2006 New Member

    Traffic and more traffic targeted traffic, and it will be good to offer a free gift this seems to help.
  16. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    There is a world of differnece between having a downline and having a downline of productive distrubutors.
  17. BillChechel

    BillChechel New Member

    Quoting: sparky9Wondering if anyone could advise me on how to create a downline

    If you are with an MLM company, there should be help from your upline to help with specifics in marketing your business. I would look for someone upline of you and pick their brain on what they do. Make sure that the person you speak with is successful already to some degree. The worst thing you want to do is take advice from someone who is not successful.

    Many forms of marketing work for most companies, but you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck in the beginning.
  18. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Very interesting thread, as I am just starting to dip my toes into the waters of NM/MLM.

    Some of you have given some very well thought out answers while others promote the old standard company line. [​IMG] I won't say which I think is which, so I don't offend anyone. [​IMG]

    I just read an interesting Network Marketing Book by Ann Sieg called Renegade Marketer. Has anyone read that? Very enlightening, especially in regards to getting leads, building your downline, hounding your family and friends, etc.

    When I bought the book, it came with a bonus book called The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing. I have permission to give that away free, so if anyone is interested in checking it out, it is in the bottom of my signature.

    I certainly would be curious to hear your feedback.

    Essentially, she promotes the concept of getting your leads to come to you, rather than you chasing them down. I love that idea, because I know I would be hopeless at NM otherwise. Who knows, maybe I'll turn out to be hopeless at it anyway - ha ha. Only time will tell.

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