Looking for experiences with ConsumerCandy.com? Anyone use them?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by BabyCheeks, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I found a program that's free to join, called ConsumerCandy.com. They pay you cash for purchasing products & services and offer percentage discounts off all of them. They also pay you to complete offers that are free to you, like surveys, free trials and contests.

    Is anyone here using this program already? Has anyone had any negative experiences? I wanted to ask, before I get fully active with their program. I've joined many Paid To..sites but nver explored shopping online. So I am really curious....Thank you in advance for your information/opinions.
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    Seeing as no one responded to my question, I'm assuming no one else here has used them. So I thought I'd let you know my experience so far with them.

    I've been using this program for about a week now. I've earned enough money in my acccount that I've already exceeded the minimum pay out. I completed several surveys, one of them was an IQ test. It was pritty interesting, I won't tell you what I scored but I got paid $17 for completing it. lol I also did some shopping and actually did get paid $ per offer to do so.
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    Has any one else ever used them? No ones responded...

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