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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by drepope100, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. drepope100

    drepope100 New Member

    im new to the affiliate marketing scene. althought i bought pl almost 8 months ago, i was a little skeptical about it. i've been following up on this forum for about the same amount of time and im impressed with what i've been reading. i admire Newbie Shield and happywife because it seems like there pros and speak from the heart. anyway, im finally ready to get started and need to know the basics. any help is welcome and appreciated
  2. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    I answered this post in a different thread and also sent you a PM so you can check your messages.

    We really can't help you without more specific questions. [​IMG]
  3. drepope100

    drepope100 New Member

    thanks for the ebook. i guess my question is: where exactly do i start with pl? better yet, with the whole thing?
  4. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    If you already have PL, I would assume that they tell you where to start to implement their program. I don't have/use PL so I can't answer that question specifically.

    If you are asking where to start with affiliate marketing, I would say read that ebook I sent and they spell it out pretty clearly.

    The best place to start is to do your research. Read and follow instructions. Then when one particular part of the process confuses you, that is the time to ask questions. [​IMG]
  5. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    ore specif questions like happywife has mentioned will help us narrow down what advice you need and we can make it more beneficialt o you.

    With concerns to profit lance, first read everything and then go to the project sectionand the blueprint section and work through these, it is here you will learn the skills. [​IMG]

    hope this helps
  6. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello drepope100'
    I do not have experience with PL, but certainly may be able to help you in other ways, especially affiliate marketing or eBay.
    No matter what..Never Give Up!
  7. drepope100

    drepope100 New Member

    im going to read everything and in between, ask questions. i guess i never had a detailed question other then the one i asked. thanks everybody!! i will keep everyone updated on my progress
  8. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi drepope100,

    Thanx for the compliment.

    My advice would be to read the entire course starting at the top of the left nav menu and working your way all the way down. Make sure that you read all of the ebooks and watch the vids as well.

    Then read everything across the top nav menu starting on the left and working to the right.

    When you are done with the whole course (might take around three months if you spend 3 or more hours each day) come in here and ask questions.

    The important thing is to finish the whole course before you try anything. Then you can go back to specific sections and ask questions as you plan your first campaign.

    You can try some things out with free web 2.0 sites such as blogs, Hub Pages, Squidoo, and the like. You will learn from your mistakes without spending any money.

    By the time you have played around with the free sites for about six months or a bit more, you should be ready for self-hosting. It's better to make mistakes and learn from them on the free sites than to blow your whole campaign on a self-hosted site.

    Take notes from PL as you go. You can also type up business ideas as you think of them.

    Best of luck.


    ~Newbie Shield~

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