Looking for ways to advertise, I Need Some Ideas Please!

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by bmckenzie, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. bmckenzie

    bmckenzie New Member

    I am looking for ways to advertise without breaking the bank. Any Ideas will be Greatly Appreciated.

    Bill M.
  2. Kecia08

    Kecia08 New Member

    There are tons of ways to do it....Its called Bum Marketing. You can learn about it at http://www.bummarketingmethod.com. It talks mainly about writing articles and submitting them to sites with high page ranks in order to get them on the first page of Google.

    You can also post in forums, create free blogs (blogger.com is an excellent source for this), create Squidoo lens, and post on classified ad sites (USFreeAds.com is loved by Google)/
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Try posting ads at Craigslist and other free classifieds websites
  4. ilovecandles7

    ilovecandles7 New Member

    Message boards are also good to advertise in. Link or banner exchange is also good to do.
  5. Liquification

    Liquification New Member

    squidoo seems to be the hottest now. Starting a lens on there attracts alot of traffic.
  6. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    bmckenzie: I am looking for ways to advertise without breaking the bank. Any Ideas will be Greatly Appreciated.

    I have had some success with listjoe.com and rent-a-list.

  7. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    It depends on what you are trying to advertise. There are tons of free places to if you are wanting to do social networking and then there are also free ad places like usfreeads, craigslist, salespider, trafficswarm... direct matches, adlandpro... apsense... it just depends on what you are trying to do as these places vary in how they work.

    Shoot me a pm if you want more specifics on any of the above and I'll pass on what I have learned - I don't have time to write a long post this morning as I am going shopping today...[​IMG] [​IMG]

  8. pip87

    pip87 New Member

    Twitter is meant to be a the way to market as well at the moment im not actually doing it yet but im researching it to see how it works, so just an idea if you want to check it out too!
  9. JMorgan

    JMorgan New Member

    BMckenzie, I like the way you are sensitive about 'not breaking the bank'. It's always good to set an advertising budget. So far some great tips have been posted for you. Another correct way is to post messages to different newsgroups that welcome advertising. If you scratch around a little, I'm sure you'll find a few of newsgroups that bring in a lot of traffic.

    If you choose to do this, be sure to read their rules and guidelines and adhere to them very carefully. It pays to follow the rules. Posting your ad to these newsgroups is a good way to start your advertising campaigns because they will be seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers overtime and it won't cost you a dime.

    Your ad will last for about two weeks in some cases and then you will need to repost. Keep track of your ad response and focus your efforts on the ads that bring you the best results, for example ??“ have your web master create a new capture page that links from your ad (if that is allowed). Place a ticker on that capture page so you can have an idea of how many times your page has been visited. Hope this helps.
  10. bmckenzie

    bmckenzie New Member

    Thanks for all your replies, you guy's have helped me out. Thanks again.
  11. JMorgan

    JMorgan New Member

    You're welcome BMckenzie. Anytime!

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