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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by ColoradoMom, May 1, 2009.

  1. ColoradoMom

    ColoradoMom New Member

    Hello West at Home!

    I started working DR skill in November 08, and want to add another skill. I love working this skill most of the time. Hours are hard to come by in Spectrum, but I found that if I just lurk the site, I can usually pick up more hours. I am looking at picking up an additional skill, Can someone tell me who to contact to add to my skills. Thanks!
  2. muffinlou

    muffinlou New Member

    In your Eos,,put a quick note that you would like to add more skills. also send a letter to HR in the ask question site.
  3. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    so we can add in our eos :where says comments (i woild like to join another skills or i would like to received a invitation for a new skill), and also in our ask a question west emplyee page.....
  4. Nikkbunny

    Nikkbunny New Member

    I got an email from HR today about new skills and requesting them .....West At Home employees may have the opportunity to cross train on other skills as they become available. Please note that the Skill(s) you are currently associated with may determine your eligibility for additional Skills.

    West will no longer fulfill requests for additional Skill Training/Cross Training from At Home Employees through email or phone messages to Human Resources, Employee Relations or the PAL teams. While we appreciate your desire to expand your skills with West, it is extremely important that West maintain the appropriate staffing levels on each Skill. Given this fact, we are also unable to provide a specific timeframe in which you may expect to receive additional skill invitations.

    Going forward, West will communicate to Employees through Email and the Urgent News Message Board on the Employee Web Site with training opportunities as staffing needs present themselves. Please continue to monitor your message board notifications for any available training opportunities. We appreciate your patience.

    Thank you,

    West At Home Human Resources
    So you can try but I don't think it will work. Good Luck!!![​IMG]
  5. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    NIKKY U R RIGHT BUT how many skills u got, cuz i see in my soup too lolololol just kidding =)
  6. ColoradoMom

    ColoradoMom New Member

    Great thanks, I wonder why I didn't get this email?
  7. muffinlou

    muffinlou New Member

    Yep that is the generic email that send out...but after noting in your eos a couple of times...just a generic message that you would love to obtain other skills...you may get an invite.

    I do for vm ays,,but i didn't want all the gripes, then when I found that Vm was leaving...got one for Pflowers,,,but not thrilled w/that...but did get a phone call for the other cell line...and i accepted it right away.I think somebody somewhere listens

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