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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by innominds, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. innominds

    innominds New Member

    Something mysterious happened and all of a sudden my site is missing in Google.

    Earlier, my sites were on page 1 of google for selected keywords. My sites are nowhere to be seen in google now. No where in the top 20 pages. Even the blog results disappeared overnight. What could be the reason? I don't understand what could have happened to my site. Any body here faced this problem?

    Any suggestion or help would be highly appreciated
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    It could just be that Google is doing some update. Many webmasters report such issues during updates only to find their sites back after a while (if they haven't done anything wrong for Google to penalize them).

    Just wait and watch and don't do any major modifications to your sites.
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Competitors can get your website removed from Google, and Google knows about it. It is a common problem , I could provide a link if allowed .
    Many of my websites are removed by my competitors who have nothing better to do. [​IMG]
  4. innominds

    innominds New Member

    Last night on Sep2nd I had noticed that my site got its place back into the Google...this time on 2nd page. But it faded away from the results again on Sep3rd ...no where again. May be something like DANCING. So presently what i could do is...leave that for sometime.

    Most of the members feel that I should add the content to the site. But in my website I review the products ... so addition of the content on regular basis is not possible. Only possibility is that the content can be modified.

    So keeping in mind, I've started a BLOG at http://www.onlinedownloads.org/diary . I used to post articles in the BLOG. Even that got good SERP. But last week, I've started a new blog (http://www.topwebdownloads.com) thinking that a new domain will be fresh and separate.

    So the present problem is should i consider updating the old blog which has url extension ....or should i go with a brand new domain.

    Please do suggest me the BEST option.
  5. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I'd recommend updating the old blog. Your site could be in the google sandbox which can happen if you have a new website.
  6. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I just noticed today that one of my new websites is in the sandbox. Its so annoying but you just have to have patience.
  7. innominds

    innominds New Member

    The site is indexed. The SERPs are fluctuating. One day it seems that it is at the top place again and stays for 2-3 hours and vanishes. This happens once in a week or so.
  8. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    I think there may be changes at the data centers
  9. Timu

    Timu New Member

    If it is not banned, and last more than a week then you just your rankings..
    In some cases you lose you rankings, if you get penalize...


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