Lost Your Job? Now What?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by jerry1952, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. jerry1952

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    Losing one's job is a very scary thing. Suddenly, the security you thought was there has been yanked like a rug from under you, and you're now envisioning the classic "wolf at the door" scenario.

    Before you do anything, focus yourself. To react emotionally is a sure fire way to crash and burn. Accept the reality that you are TEMPORARILY unemployed. However, that does NOT mean you no longer have a job. Your job, now, is to find another way to create income.

    One of the sobering and also enlightening epiphanies I had, was when I lost my job due to downsizing is, if you work for someone else, you will never really have any job security guarantee. The truth is: THE ONLY REAL JOB AND FINANCIAL SECURITY YOU HAVE IS THAT WHICH YOU CREATE. It's a very sobering, but also liberating realization.

    A great deal of the working population has an employee mindset, and that's perfectly ok. Hopefully, they will always have a 9-5 steady job. However, in this economy, those prospects are not as good as they once were.

    For the entrepreneur minded. this is the PERFECT opportunity to take that step and create their own financial independence.

    There are many legitimate online opportunities out there. My best advice is to not rush into the first one that has a pretty website or makes the loudest noise. I'm not saying you should discount that potential opportunity, but instead make sure you do your due diligence, and research the field. Make sure you are comfortable with the company's product, training and support network, and their compensation plan. If everything makes sense to you, then take action.

    Best of luck to you and see you at the top!
  2. pcwork

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    jerry1952: if you work for someone else, you will never really have any job security guarantee

    Very true, being self employed and working from home is not very acceptable in society (especially in India) , but it is far more secure than any job.
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    All true.

    You need to fix your signature though.

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    I believe that every failure, presents a equal or greater opportunity.

    Losing ones job may be a blessing in disguise, and if used right could be the kick in the behind to reach your goals.

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  5. cherie27

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    Yes. Especially when the economy is down, you will lose your job anytime.

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